One could argue that the sole purpose of a trade show exhibit is to attract attention. To do that, booth designers rely on basics, such as furniture, walls, carpeting and graphics. Some also turn to mood-enhancing components, such as lighting, color and sound, to draw in, even motivate attendee prospects. One category of booth fittings straddles the line between booth infrastructure and aesthetics. The growing selection of light-emitting-diode or LED solutions can make a booth stand out from all the other “boxes” in the aisle.

Why LED?

LED tiles (the essential components of LED walls and other structures) are lightweight, thin, long-lasting and more versatile than the alternatives, such as neon, fluorescent or incandescent lighting. LEDs offer animation, color changes, fading and flashing features and moving messages. Plus, software can blend images from individual tiles into one larger, seamless image limited only by the size of the space in which the LED structure sits, the amount of weight that needs to be supported and access to power.

Lights in the sky

Where designers place LED tiles and walls makes a difference in noticeability. LED configurations suspended from the ceiling or mounted on trusses draw attention to the booth below. In large, cluttered exhibit halls, other booths block the line of sight for visitors on the ground. Placing visually stimulating (imagine video or moving graphics), vibrantly colored, three-dimensional LED displays in the air is the equivalent of a “We Are Here” sign for would-be customers.

Tiles and skins

LED tiles placed inside enclosures—light boxes, for example—can add drama and dimension to a display. Another option is the LEDskin from beMatrix, a modular display system that embeds specially designed LED tiles into the walls. LEDskin is thin, lightweight and easy to install. The tiles can be placed anywhere inside the booth frame. The frames can be incorporated into any section of the booth or stand alone. LEDskin is an innovative way to blend partial and full video walls seamlessly into the booth design. They pump up the impact (think animation, sound and color) and deliver the wow exhibitors want.

Walls in every size

Interlocked LED tiles (walls) can make attendees stop and stare. Designers can configure them in any size to serve as a backdrop, video screen or product substitute. As the latter, they let exhibitors feature products or processes that otherwise would not fit or be appropriate in a booth. Think about an aircraft carrier, machine tool, wild animal preserve or impressive project of great magnitude. Walls can also serve as presentation screens as the fine detail and capabilities—from showing PowerPoint slides to satellite broadcasts—complement a live speaker easily. 

Curved LED walls

Not all LED tiles are flat. Some models feature a ten-degree curve and when fitted with a combination of flat and symmetrically curved tiles, a concave (curves toward the viewer) LED wall can dominate the visitor’s field of vision, creating a more immersive in-booth experience. Tiles can also curve in the opposite direction (away from the viewer). Convex tile walls are perfect for surrounding a stationary or revolving cylinder. Tiles with a 20-degree curve can form smaller circles than those with a more subtle curve.

LED Light Strips

While LED solutions like tiles and walls are reserved for eye-popping booth designs, LED light strips can add a nice little splash of color to the walls, floor or products on display. They can be used in an ever-so-subtle way to move visitors in a specific direction, highlight booth elements like counters or kiosks or outline booth signage. If LED tiles are the stars of the show, LED lights are the supporting cast.

There are lots of ways to incorporate LED into a booth design, and new products are introduced regularly. “I’ve been in this business for 14 years, and I’ve dealt with at least 200 different makes and models of tiles. Every year, there is a new model if not a new maker,” explains Lonnie Johnson, LED product specialist at SmartSource. To discover new and attention-grabbing LED solutions for your booth design, contact the solution architects at 800-888-8686 or request a quote.