One of the more complex, yet very important elements to a meeting is creating effective lighting in the meeting room. Lighting can lend depth and ambience to the room and tie together all other aspects of the meeting, including use of the PowerPoint presentation equipment, seating, and sound.

Lets focus on the 4 elements of great lighting and what tools you can use to get it.

Lighting is needed for ILLUMINATION. All attendees at your conference want to see the speaker, facilitator,  or panel of experts. Without proper light equipment rentals, the back row or table of your function will be squinting to see who is speaking and may feel disconnected from them. 

Lighting creates FOCUS. Certain lighting, such as pin spots, can shine a stationary light directly onto an object (such as a new product in a product launching event) . Spotlights can follow presenters or entertainers around a room so attendees can easily see them. Gobo lighting can be projected on a wall or be a backdrop to the riser and project a company logo and/or sponsor logos. 

Lighting can set the MOOD. Lighting in layers, allows the event meeting services organization to work with the event planner on what lighting will best create the mood you are looking for. First, take a look at the natural light in the room. Then consider renting lamps to bring the lighting down to the attendee. "When you bring the lighting down to eye level, it's warmer light, and it doesn't feel like its coming at you from nowhere," said Jill Schumacher, Owner of Rariden, Schumacher, Mio & Co. Then, consider light fixtures that can integrate into the decor, such as being a part of the centerpiece. Some light equipment rental options don't require cords and can be run on rechargeable batteries.

Lighting creates COMPOSITION. You can use different color lighting to direct the attendee's emotions or to paint a picture.

Work with AV Event Solutions lighting designer to determine which type of lighting works best for your event and fits into your budget. They will work hard to provide you the light equipment rentals you need to create the mood and direct the attention to where you want it. Request Express Rental Quote or call today.