BizBash Magazine interviewed two experienced meeting professionals — Melissa Kirby, Event Designer at Event Creative and Matt Stoelt, Creative Director at Stoelt Productions — to get their take on working with a small stage. They identified six tips to make your organization's stage presence perfect, even in a difficult room setting. 

Tip #1: Know Your Total Stage Requirements. 

Even what seems like a small stage can take up a lot of room because of conference equipment rentals. "Be sure to place the the stage in a corner or against a wall, if possible, to reduce the amount of space it will take up," stated Stoelt. 

Tip #2: Raise the Stage at Least Two Feet. 

Because most of your audio equipment is near the stage, raising it up allows you the option to put this equipment under the stage. 
Stoelt shared, "Using smaller line array systems can typically save space." 

Tip #3: Go Wide. 

Some spaces have low ceilings and it is impossible to go up. "Make an impact by extending the set out to the sides," said Kirby. 

Tip #4: Understand Your Audience Size

"For a small stage and a large audience, make stage elements large, impactful and easy to to see and understand. For a small stage and small audience, details are critical. Propping makes a difference," stated Kirby. 

Tip #5: Skip Heavy Lighting Fixtures.

"Using lightweight LED fixtures will help to create a large impact in a small space," Stoelt said. 

Tip #6: Create Visually Rich Backdrops. 

A Video Wall can be a real eye catcher especially if is large and displays videos, photos and social feeds. 

Are you ready to spruce up a stage? Find out how SmartSource Rentals can help solve your stage challenges:

  • They will meet you onsite, take the measurements of the room, understand your total equipment requirements and diagram the space requirements for the stage.
  • When renting audio visual equipment, they can take a look at the ceiling and audio feedback to determine if you can or should go up or wide.  You can rent staging from them if the venue cannot accommodate your needs. 
  • If you have a small stage, large audience scenario, you may wish to rent iPads to allow for second screen viewing of the speaker. In addition, Plasma Displays strategically placed throughout the room work well. 
  • If you have the small stage, small audience scenario, keep the PowerPoint presentation equipment off the stage and use lavaliere mics for your presenters to keep everything streamlined. 
  • When looking for creative options in the area of sound and lighting rentals, ask your AV technician or project manager for the best options to accent your stage and still allow attendees to see and hear your presenters. 
  • Video Wall rentals are scalable, visually rich and can be changed in an instant. Because they are lightweight, they can be placed almost anywhere. 

Give SmartSource Rentals a call at 800.886.8686 to learn more about the ways they can help you solidify your event's stage presence!