At events, guests expect to be impressed with the presentation, customization, and availability of information. Event kiosks are an ideal way to allow attendees to access a WORLD of information with the swipe of their finger. Kiosks offer sessions that combine information and hands-on experiences to make your content significant, personal, and memorable. With wireless connectivity, attached keyboards and touchscreens, LCD flatscreen displays, and high-performance graphics, interactive kiosks or iPad stand kiosks are a perfect fit for events that strive to offer attendees relevant content with a personal touch.

The following ideas will help you draw in visitors, hook them with content, and then convert them into followers!

Kiosk Types:

  1. Registration – for business events, speedy registration is an excellent start to a successful gathering. Guests need to be able to immediately access their accounts, input their information, receive their tickets or badges, and be on their way as fast as possible! Registration kiosks, event registration systems, on-site badge printing, customized agendas, schedule printing and visitor guides are the perfect opener to conferences, business meetings, and trade shows.
  2. Entertainment – for many events, entertainment kiosks can deliver exciting and relevant digital content that lets guests shop, receive free materials, view and accept promotions, enter contests, listen to music, or watch videos. Consider offering e-books, PDFs, software, audio, webcasts, podcasts, games (either local or networked), photo booths, and streaming content that can put some personal fun into breaks and downtime.
  3. Social Media – attendees like to stay connected, even during business events. Whether they choose to use social media to enhance their business networking or access social media platforms for a little relaxation, social media kiosks are an excellent way to keep guests engaged. Allow attendees to view feeds and upload to Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Vimeo, Instagram, Google +, Pinterest, Flickr, Tumblr, MySpace, Yelp, StumbleUpon, and LiveJournal. Be sure to make it easy for guests to access event chat rooms, involve any virtual attendees, and make the most of event hashtags.
  4. Digital Document Library – a digital document library is a valuable information portal that lets attendees acquire downloads for information and convenience. Eliminate the cost, confusion, clutter, and waste of print collateral—making it effortless for visitors to access exactly the information they need, no matter how detailed or technical. Better still, the kiosks will gather data that offers valuable insight into the information that guests found most appealing.
  5. Customer Services – a kiosk can offer customer support, email, concierge services, local information, customer satisfaction surveys, special assistance, FAQ, or a Q&A platform—providing guests with quick and confidential aid when they need it.
  6. Lead Retrieval – kiosks are a fast and fun way to offer contact, registration, and lead forms that transmit directly to Salesforce or customer relationship management systems, allowing for more efficient and relevant follow-up calls. Collect vital attendee information quickly and easily!
  7. Event Promotion – for product launches, customize a kiosk rental to answer common questions, display slideshows, demonstrate the new products and services, or provide training. Use company slogans and logos to create custom branding on the monitor and the kiosk body.
  8. Digital Signage – events, conventions, trade shows, meetings, and conferences all rely heavily on wayfinding and signage to help attendees reach the people, events, and locations that they need. Kiosks are ideal for providing interactive sitemaps, navigation systems, exhibitor locator stations, welcome stations, schedules and agendas—as well as providing personalized custom content for visitors.

Touchscreen kiosk technology is quickly becoming the standard for retail locations, museums, commercial buildings, lobbies, transportation systems, public spaces, government offices, conventions, events, product launches, roadshows, trade shows, exhibits, sales booths, and more.

Kiosk Tips:

  • Create an Internet Café using kiosks grouped together.
  • Provide a unique, novelty flash drive related to the theme of the event to help attendees collect and download information from multiple vendors or exhibitors.
  • Provide an entertainment break, through games, videos, and music.
  • Produce a game or QUIZ to dramatically improve opt-in rates and lead generation.
  • Offer a spot for guests to check valuable information, such as email, scheduling, and up-to-the-minute news.
  • Increase sponsorship revenue by offering static graphic branding or onscreen branding on individual kiosks.

Interactive Event Screen Kiosks are the most beneficial combination of technology and your content—maximizing information and interaction for your attendees.  Appeal to your attendees with event kiosks!