Reports show that more than half of all companies outsource a portion of their business to save time and money. For Staffing agencies, outsourcing provides trained experts in specialties needed to optimize business operations without sinking a considerable investment in personnel, equipment, and systems.

Accounting, payroll, and invoicing are some of the top outsourcing services engaged by Staffing agencies today. However, IT tech support is one area that has incrementally grown as an outsourced function due to rapidly changing technology. Many smaller agencies can’t afford to staff an IT department, so outsourced services provides access to the latest technology and updates without significantly impacting the bottom line.    

Following, we outline why Staffing agencies would benefit from outsourcing their tech support and what type of support and functions they can expect from such services.

Why Outsourcing Tech Support is a Good Move for Staffing Agencies

One of the most obvious benefits of outsourcing tech support is that it helps attract and retain clients. A study by the Aberdeen Group found that clients are more likely to stay with a particular Staffing agency if they have access to reliable tech support. 

Outsourcing tech support can also help reduce costs. According to the report, nine of every 10 companies represented in the survey saved money on outsourcing IT, with the average savings of about 15%. That adds up quickly when you account for employee salaries and benefits, office space, and more. 

Finally, outsourcing promotes safe and efficient operations. When a company handles every single client issue internally, it can be a considerable burden on resources, and mistakes are more likely to happen. 

What Does Tech Support Look Like in a Staffing Agency?

The exact form your company-outsourced tech support will take will depend on your needs and those of your clients. In general, though, you’ll want to be sure that it includes the following: 

24/7 coverage

Your tech support will need to be available around the clock to respond to any issues, typically with a time range of normal business hours and an after-hours on-call emergency number for nights, weekends and holidays. This is especially important for Staffing agencies that work with clients in different time zones. 

Easy-to-navigate help desk

A help desk with an easy user interface gives clients a single point of contact for all their problems, from basic troubleshooting to more complex issues. 

Detailed documentation

Detailed reports and tech documentation give clients an in-hand tool to help walk them through issues and guide them toward recovery. 

Resilient and reliable IT infrastructure

A scalable infrastructure ensures that your team can handle the load when issues arise and that clients can be supported in the best way possible when they’re in a pinch. 

Clear and accessible communication channels

Including add-ons like ticketing systems and chat help to ensure clients can get their issues resolved as quickly as possible.

What Are the Various Forms of Company-Outsourced Tech Support?

Several companies can provide outsourced IT support for Staffing agencies, and what you use will depend on your budget and needs. Here are a few of the options available:

Managed Service Provider (MSP)

An MSP is typically a third-party vendor you partner with to help with everything from infrastructure support to assisting with strategic planning. These vendors will provide a combination of break/fix tech support and ongoing, managed services, typically with a 24/7 desk support team and a break/fix team that only responds during off-hours. 


Companies that offer break/fix tech support will dispatch a technician whenever there’s an issue. They’ll stay onsite until the problem is solved and charge you a fee when they leave. 


With software as a service, you pay for access to the software and the service on a per-seat basis.

How Outsourced Tech Services Benefit Your Staffing Agency

There are many benefits to outsourcing IT services, including controlling costs, having experts at your disposal, and getting new projects started.

Beyond just improving your company’s bottom line, outsourcing tech support can also help grow your market share and expand into new territories by giving you access to a larger pool of qualified employees. This can be especially helpful for companies that work with clients in different industries.

Lastly, outsourcing takes the stress off your team and mitigates the frustrations of handling time-consuming IT issues. Ultimately, this helps Staffing teams be more focused on what they do best.


As you’re looking for ways to grow and expand your Staffing agency, outsourcing tech support can help you scale your business and take on more work. With the right tech support provider, your team can focus on what they do best, which ultimately means a better ROI for your agency.