Your product launch is a critical aspect of your company’s marketing campaign. The launch will define your product, differentiate it from its competitors, and initiate your customers into its advantages and usage. Not only is it the official unveiling of your product, but it spearheads the direction and momentum of all of the marketing and advertising that is to come! A product launch comes with a LOT of pressure!

Product Launches need an AUDIENCE

With the average person’s schedule constantly full, it’s difficult to draw a crowd. Event Planners must identify the SPECIFIC target audience for the product and then find the ideal enticement that will bring those individuals out for the event. A tremendous amount of energy and planning, traditional advertising, and a fierce social media campaign should go into the event before it even happens. The product launch can only succeed when there are guests there to impress.

Product Launches Depend upon TECHNOLOGY

Although in the past it may have been possible to launch a product by renting out an event space and deploying a sales team to work the room, technology is now mandatory for successful launches—it’s the backbone of any thriving launch campaign, and there are several major reasons why today’s product launches rely so heavily on technology.

  1. Product Launches need a “WOW” factor. The success of these events depends upon making an impact that generates buzz, excitement, discussion and conversation. Getting guests to attend is the first step—the second step is to inspire your audience to mention your amazing new product to everyone they know. Large scale items like video walls, interactive technology such as touch screens, and a good dose of lighting and staging can go a long way to keeping eyes open and minds engaged!
  2. Launches MUST distribute information. Ideally, there is a vast audience waiting to receive information on what your product can do. Once your guests have arrived and your presentation begins, it’s time for your sales pitch. Your pitch MUST have technology backing it up. Why? Because people demand it. Interactive displays can (and SHOULD) connect guests to your brand and your product through literature, videos, surveys, social media connections, contests, games, informational QR codes, product information, contact information—everything they could possibly need or want should be available to them, self-serve and at their fingertips in an engaging and interactive experience.
  3. Consistency is CRITICAL. Whether the launch is a single event, an event at simultaneous locations, or a single show that will tour, technology will ensure that your brand and the product are properly represented every time. Consistent, flawless representation of your branding is a necessity because anything less than perfect can be damaging. Digital signage is the easiest, fastest, most reliable method for ensuring that your company and product are presented at their best.

The Technology to Use

  1. Touch Screens – digital walls, LCD touch screens, tablets, and touch panel kiosks are all excellent options for connecting guests to videos, images, and literature about your product.
  2. Audience Response Systems – a product launch is an ideal time to gather vital feedback regarding the product. Whether your target audience members are distributors, consumers, sales teams, the media, or industry influencers, you’ve gathered the model group for providing constructive criticism. Ask them what they think, gather their feedback, and make it worth their time. Launch feedback is like liquid gold.
  3. Charging Station Kiosks – providing this tech option not only gives guests a charging oasis that keeps them involved and active, but the charging station itself is an additional branding opportunity. Charging station users have 7 to 12 minutes of screen-viewing time at the unit—time to drive home the unique advantages of your product or to solidify contact between the guest and your company.
  4. IPad Rentals – for the most individual and engaging experience, use iPads for launch materials and interactions. IPads are perfect for promoting a “call-to-action” through contests, sign-ups, questionnaires, giveaways, and for making social media connections.

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