Have you considered renting Tablet PCs for your next meeting or event? Perhaps even considering buying this new and innovative technology? Below are some reasons why you should consider Tablet PC rentals and the advantages renting has over purchasing this equipment.

Overall, attendees and event organizers can get more done at a meeting and event when Tablet PCs  are used because everything can be accessed in one location: program materials, email, social media, notes, mind mapping, PowerPoint, and many other applications.Here are some other major advantages of Tablet PCs:

  1. They eliminate the barrier created by a laptop;
  2. They can be used while sitting, standing, or even walking;
  3. In a work group or training situation, Tablet PCs can be easily passed around the table to record ideas and/or view video or photos;
  4. In a large meeting or event, the Tablet PC can be hooked up to a display or projector and screen rental;
  5. They are effective whiteboards, easy way to jot down ideas, and utilization of mind mapping apps.
So why rent Tablet PCs? Here are some common reasons why you should consider interactive technology tool rentals for your next meeting or event:
    1. Renting is convenient and quick. With a click of a mouse, you can submit a quote and receive a response within hours. In addition, you will know exactly what equipment is available when you have your next event.


    1. Renting requires no maintenance. If the equipment fails, your AV company will provide you with back up tablets, often right on the spot.


    1. Each piece of equipment is delivered directly to your event, thoroughly tested and cleaned, and configured to meet your needs. AV technicians will bring the Tablet PCs directly to your event’s door. In addition, prior to the event, each Tablet will be thoroughly tested and if applications need to be loaded onto them, the technicians can do this as well.


    1. If you need additional equipment, such as printers or keyboards, it is easy to rent it all from one AV organization.


    1. Lastly, renting allows you to keep up with latest technology, no strings attached. Tablets are being announced and introduced like popcorn, they just keep populating. No need to worry about obsolesce because the AV company will continue to purchase the right equipment for your next meeting or event and have it available for you.