SmartSource Rentals offers the newest and most secure cell phone charging stations. These safe, confidential charging stations can accommodate cell phones, iPads, tablets, and other devices. With the ever-growing necessity of personal hand-held electronic devices at events, secure cell phone charging is a tremendously valuable service for event attendees.

More and more individuals use their cell phones to control their mobile payment and digital wallet, or their remote home security and smart home access—not to mention safeguarding their schedules, business data, contacts, notes, and more. This technology is important, and we rely on it. Few people feel comfortable leaving their phone unattended for even a moment. Unfortunately, business events put a heavy demand on cell phone batteries, which are quickly drained through the frequent use and the high energy requirements of apps, showcase apps, streaming content, videos, webinars, podcasts, texting, photos, downloads, uploads, and emails. (Oh, and phone calls.) Enter the solution: a lockable charging station able to recharge devices under complete security.

These time-saving, privacy-ensuring, power-boosting lockers are simple to use. Attendees simply:
1. Select an open locker.
2. Enter a four-digit pin that they create and which only they know.
3. Connect their device to one of the many charging tips housed in each compartment (each locker contains Mini USB, Micro USB, Apple and Apple Lightning charging tips).
4. Close the door and get back to the event as their device charges under complete protection.

The charging station itself holds additional safeguards, such as:
• An override code that is supplied to management in case an attendee forgets their code.
• Manual access to the compartments in case of a power outage.
• An alert that ensures the device is properly connected and charging.

Lockable Charging Stations Create Excellent Sponsorship Opportunities
With the importance of cell phones and the necessity of keeping them charged, a charging station is a popular service—making it an ideal chance for sponsors to make an impact on event participants. The service itself can be sponsored, as can the sides and top of the unit. Furthermore, each charging station offers a screen which holds nearly infinite branding, advertising, and sponsorship potential. Charging stations are a place for guests to charge their phone, but that’s not all—the charging station screens provide an extra level of information and entertainment.

The units offer these sponsorship options:
• External branding through decals and vinyl wrap capability
• Ad placement on the top and sides of each unit
• Slideshows, videos, commercials, branding, and video loops on screen

Charging stations are becoming an expectation at events as guests’ devices run low on critical battery power. With lockable charging stations, Event Organizers are able to offer this vital service to their attendees, while simultaneously gaining sponsorship income—paying for the unit and profiting the event. Everyone wins!

Additional Advantages for Event Organizers
• Usage reporting that shows how many times the locker was utilized during an event.
• Income reporting that delivers relevant data on the ROI of each unit.
• Operational log that reports all the unit’s transactions during a specified timeframe.

As our video demonstrates, locking charging stations are simple to use, and they provide cell phone recharging AND peace of mind—allowing guests to get back to the event at hand, fully charged!