Turnkey Solution for Onsite Needs

As meeting coordinators were planning the UnitedHealth Group Annual Meeting in New York City last year, they realized there was going to be a problem with containing noise levels on the floor.

The planners identified eight specific locations within the general assembly where they wanted the 500-1,000 attendees to clearly view, hear and understand the unique UnitedHealth Care product offerings at each station.

Sound showers were identified to be the best solution at each of the 8 stations. As they were close and in alignment with each other, the need to eliminate sound bleeding into other stations was the goal.

The sound shower directional sound system was the perfect application for their needs.


The Challenge

With 8 technology stations within close proximity to each other, it was clear that conventional loud speakers would not work.  The sound would travel beyond each station causing disruption in each of the areas.

In addition, the sound showers needed to be rigged in the air because the room had an open space concept.

The Solution

SmartSource’s customized solution enabled each station to control sound to a specifically designed footprint. Once configured and designed to a coverage area, the system had the ability to “listen” to the ambient crowd noise in the room and automatically adjust the volume levels for perfect audio output levels for each station.


The Benefit

The integrated on board equalizer, which optimized low frequency audio amplification, made it the perfect solution for voice transmission in this conference. Each exhibitor at each tech station was able to interact with attendees as if no one else was there.


The Praise

According to Lisa Lepley, Executive Producer for this event from Media Loft, “The Sound Shower was a perfect solution for our needs. The audio really did stay in the specific areas as it was designed. SSR delivered, from start to finish, in every aspect of their part in our conference.”


SmartSource Has Sound Showers

The sound shower solution is a highly flexible, light weight solution that can work for many different installations. This product can be easily attached to a light weight structure or flown from the ceiling in any space, to accommodate any footprint.

The clean, crisp low frequency audio output makes for the perfect hearing environment for audiences in open areas where you don’t want to disturb adjourning areas.

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