By Tia Crawford

In Part One of this article, we discussed six critical objectives of Financial Services Industry events. Moving forward, customized technology can help you attain the high standards and lofty goals that are expected of financial institution meetings and conferences. Financial Services Industry events have a strong focus on corporate image, and financial institutions rely heavily on the data they are able to collect from events as a result of integrated event technology.

If high-end Investment Portfolio Investors are expecting a remarkable experience from your event, what technology can reinforce and leverage the connection with your brand? We move into a discussion on the particular event technology offerings that support FSI events and their unique circumstances.

Maximized Security – a trusted technology advisor will provide a secure server—a safe system that is the foundation for all of your event technology. Financial Services events must have a closed network, established onsite and in advance of all other setup. Beginning with installation, moving through the event itself, and continuing through take-down, the technology used in Financial Services Industry events must GUARANTEE security and confidentiality. Industry event experts recommend a long-term partnership with a reputable technology advisor—one that can ensure that sensitive data is properly contained and wiped clean after the event conclusion, a partner that is committed to preserving the safety and security of your data long after the event is finished.

World-Class Attendee Experiences – how do you differentiate your business from other players in the industry? Wow them with a superior experience! Make the event experience effortlessly simple for attendees and investors. Wayfinding, registration, updates, meeting information, agendas, and scheduling should all be automatic and highly personalized. With the right technology, lines are eliminated and information transfer is immediate. Consider the following specific examples:

  1. Barcoded badges, RFID or NFC technology can ensure that guests are constantly on-track with sessions and meetings. This technology can also provide superior customization and personalization for guests—tailoring exactly the experience that they desire.
  2. Charging stations with large screen monitors help keep attendees powered up, while also keeping them in-touch and informed with industry news. The more in-touch they can feel with the office, the more time they can donate to the event.
  3. Document libraries allow attendees and investors instant access to the documents that they need.
  4. For conferences, uniform technology is expected. All iPads, laptops, and computers need to be identical.
  5. Technology must be integrated into the surroundings in a well-executed, customized, streamlined design.
  6. Corporate branding is important. Images must be crisp, screens must have the highest possible resolution, and all branding must be consistent.
  7. Data collection must be executed flawlessly. By providing guests with coded badges or wearable devices, your clients can receive the most complete and relevant attendee data. The data collection should be specifically tailored to provide precisely the information that financial institutions need to support their business decision-making.

The Power of Event Technology

The right event technology can provide superior event experiences supported by masterful data capture—impressing clients and guests alike. Today’s data-driven events are allowing Event Planners to craft meetings and conferences that exceed the expectations of Financial Services institutions and their attendees!