The Covid-19 pandemic temporarily crippled the Staffing industry. Hiring freezes, client shutdowns, and health risks contributed to a sharp revenue decline. Although the hiring climate has vastly improved in recent months, Staffing firms remain vulnerable. Bundling staff augmentation with IT service and support for temporary workers is now, more than ever, an opportunity for Staffing companies to meet customers’ needs and build a more resilient business.   

Welcome to the whiplash 

Covid-19 hit Staffing hard in its early days. However, when vaccinations began flowing, the outlook improved dramatically. By August 2021, the American Staffing Association reported that “temporary and contract staffing employment from mid-July through mid-August grew 32% compared with the same period in 2020″. 

The relatively fast turnaround is good news for Staffing firms. Nevertheless, Covid-19 hobbled the industry in the blink of an eye and has companies thinking about ways to prepare and protect their bottom line in the future.  

Customers’ needs have shifted 

Most Staffing agencies offer deep knowledge about client workloads, workforce requirements, interviews, contracts, potential candidates, training, and follow-up on a placement’s progress. This feature set has served them well for decades. Post-pandemic, however, procurement-related services alone may not be enough.  

As the country eases into an economic recovery, Staffing companies are returning to a customer with more challenges: 

  • “The Great Resignation” labor shortages 
  • More contractors working remotely 
  • Need for hardware hygiene 
  • Cybersecurity concerns 
  • Supply chain disruptions 
  • Overburdened IT departments  
  • Talent retention 
  • Short lead times for contractor deployment 

While traditional Staffing firms are doing a great job filling temporary contract positions, IT fulfillmentproviding contractors with laptops, monitors, software, and servicesplays a more significant role in meeting the challenges Covid is leaving in its wake. 

Fast track to a new business model 

Some top Staffing agencies partner with IT Solutions firms to provide customers with an end-to-end service, including: 

  • Rapid, large-scale deployment of computer equipment to contractor homes or other off-site locations 
  • Hardware sanitization 
  • Installation of endpoint security software 
  • Hardware purchasing power to overcome supply chain weaknesses 
  • Support for IT departments busy with addressing issues of the permanent workforce
  • IT Help Desk support for temporary workers 
  • 24/7 system monitoring 
  • Specialized computer hardware and fast setup for top contractors 

Partnering for IT services offers Staffing agencies several benefits. It brings expertise that Staffing firms don’t typically possess into the fold and supplements Staffing company IT departments that are overwhelmed with their staff’s new remote work requirements. Plus, the right partner can help Staffing companies quickly transition to a service model that combines sourcing talent with managing contractor IT needs—a combination that adds more value at a time when customers need it most. 

In the current environment, Staffing and the provision of equipment and services go hand in hand for many Staffing company customers. Partnering with an IT Solutions firm offers Staffing firms an unprecedented opportunity to meet customer needs, recoup pandemic-era losses, and prepare for the next potential jolt. 

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