Northstar Meeting’s Group recently polled 145 senior executives regarding their position on the intrinsic value of off-site meetings. The results were refreshing and if used properly, should help in your efforts to justify the use of meeting planners within the organization. Here it goes:


Respondents said the following meetings are extremely or very important to the success of their organization:

One of the important components of any meeting, is renting audio visual equipment. For training, board and annual meetings, making certain attendees know the material or can anonymously vote on sensitive information can easily be gathered through wireless Audience Response Systems. Trade Shows bring potential clients to your company’s booth and those leads can be automated through a lead retrieval system. Sales meetings usually require state-of-the-art presentation services audio visual equipment.


Respondents said the following types of meetings are extremely or very effective:

  • In-person (96%)
  • Hybrid (60%)
  • Virtual (38%)

This is great news for all meeting planners! The top echelon of your organization believes in the power of face-to-face meetings with the overall benefit being more engaged employees. However, it will behoove you to know when hybrid and virtual meetings make sense due to budgetary pressures, disbursement of attendees or time factors.


Below is the data conveying the planning process:

  • No formalized process (34%)
  • By a designated meeting planner (27%)
  • By individual departments (21%)
  • By the meeting planning department (14%)
  • By a contracted meeting planning organization (4%)

With a 55/45 percentage split of not having meeting planners involved in the process versus having them involved, this is a great opportunity for all of us to convey the importance and value we bring to the table. If you are already in the corporate environment and are not planning all the meetings for your organization, now is your chance to explain the CEO how you can save the company money and time because you bring a formalized process and aggregate buying power to the table.


Respondents stated that off-site meetings were:

  • Extremely or very important (52%)
  • Important or somewhat important (36%)
  • Not important at all (12%)

Face-to-Face Meetings are still critical to the success of every organization. The key for you is to plan productive and worthwhile meetings by looking at all the variables that go into a great meeting including: location, day/time, food and beverage, as well as, conference equipment rentals. Keep the C-Suite focused on the importance of continuing off-site meetings by attending to their wants and needs.

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