Pop-up events and pop-up retail are growing in popularity—for good reason! The new economical focus on small business and business expansion has led to a rise in temporary business locations—often as part of a greater area event or promotion such as:

  • Festivals
  • Downtown initiatives
  • Citywide events
  • Expos
  • Brand “experiences”
  • Temporary exhibitions
  • Art installations
  • Pop-up museums

Pop-up retail has emerged as the antidote to stale shopping malls. By creating a limited time opportunity, businesses create spontaneity and excitement. Rather than sales and promotions located within an everyday brick-and-mortar branch, the temporary nature of pop-up retail shops uses a short-term location to deliver the message “get it while it lasts!”

While, the success of these pop-up shops depends on a wide variety of factors, one thing is certain—pop-up retailers need to impress their customers quickly, with space limitations and under temporary circumstances. Technology rentals can help!

Testing New Business (and Technology) on a Short-Term Basis

Similar to technology rentals themselves, pop-up shops offer businesses a chance to try out a new location, new product, new neighborhood, business plan, marketing campaign, new branch, or even to start a new business. With a short term rental in an existing or empty store front, a pop-up shop can test the waters, generate excitement and interest, and help revive businesses and business communities!

Here are some of the most popular technology rental options that can help your business turn an opportunity . . . into an event!

Digital Signage – considering that a pop-up shop has—well—popped up in an unexpected new location, it’s extremely important to get attention quickly. Time is limited for these shops, so it’s vital to make as big of an impact as possible, in a short amount of time and often with a short amount of space. Digital Signage can provide an eye-catching chance to display the shop’s name, logo, and other important information. Pop-up shops don’t have the chance to establish permanent signage—digital signage is essential!

IPad Kiosks with Stands – after getting people through the door, you’ll need a fool-proof way to capture payment information. An iPad kiosk is an ideal way to create an efficient, space-saving, temporary yet professional option for accepting credit card, debit card, and other electronic payments. IPad kiosks and tablets are also an excellent way to start an email list for newsletters, coupons, and information about future events—helping you to expand your customer base and roll your pop-up retail success into long-term business growth!

Internet Connection and WiFi – fast, safe, reliable Internet connection is necessary for any business. In addition to the regular business communication needs, temporary locations can help lure passers-by with free WiFi hotspots—giving another excellent reason for guests to stop in and start an interaction with your brand.

Touchscreens – there’s no doubt that touchscreens are inviting, accessible, and informative. For pop-up retail, strategically placed touchscreens can help provide guests with information on your business—helping to satisfy their natural curiosity about your business story, mission, goals, future events, and alternate locations!

Video Walls – while many video walls are enormous and many pop-up shops are small, video walls can be configured from sizes beginning with 2×2 grids—offering a proportionately large digital backdrop. As temporary shops cannot rely on the same level of customized décor as permanent locations, a video wall can provide a maximized viewing space that serves to give customers a feel for the brand using images and video rather than wall coverings, fixtures, and furnishings.

In conclusion, pop-up shops deserve technology that’s as fresh, exciting, and engaging as pop-up retail! With 20 branch locations nationwide, SmartSource Rentals can guarantee the customized technology, expert installation, and fast delivery that will make your pop-up a success! Contact us today at 800-888-8686 to be connected to the branch nearest to you!