As an attorney or a paralegal, you know that an efficient and effective war room can be one of the primary keys to winning a legal case. And because the stakes are so high, reliable technology is vital during the preparation phase, as well as during a trial.

The reality is that the pre-trial preparation time for a large case can create a great deal of stress for everyone involved. The last thing you need is the added difficulties that come from technology which fails to perform as needed.

Your firm may not have all the resources on hand to properly set up a situation room, especially during a large trial when both your human and technology resources can be stretched to breaking.

In addition, for many lawyers taking the time to fully understand all the technologies out there is, understandably, not at the top of their list:

“Despite the rapid advancements of technology and the undeniable effects of internet-based and mobile technology on the business world, many lawyers have continued with business as usual.” Today’s Tech: How Lawyers Actually Use Technology

But not to worry. SmartSource Rentals is here to help you with your war room technology. We know that no two trials are alike and understand that the right equipment is essential for the running and management of an efficient war room.

To make sure your technological capacity is up to par, keep in mind that that an effective and properly set up war room is most often designed for a specific project and will likely require a broad range of technology equipment and capabilities such as:

  • computers, touch screens
  • high quality Internet
  • easy-to-use computer networking
  • audio visual and other presentation equipment
  • the ability to conference with and without video
  • printers and copiers
  • display screens
  • phones, FAX machines, scanners

Because each situation room must meet the demands of that specific project it makes sense that you would need to bring on additional equipment and technology expertise. At SmartSource, we will help you customize your war room to completely suit your needs. For example, we can fine tune the audio visual system to selectively include only relevant participants from certain visual presentations.

Every trial demands its own approach and your war room should always support those unique needs.

War Room Tips so Your Legal Staff is at Their Best

Since one of the primary purposes of a situation room is to help your trial team collaborate and prepare for the courtroom, this is not the time to cut corners. Not only do you need to ensure that you have all the proper legal technology, you also need to provide all those essentials that the staff may need during their long work hours.

With that in mind, here are some tips to help ensure that your war room is also responsive to the human factor:

  • Locate your war room as close to the court house as possible
  • Visit the location before set up so you are certain the space will work well
  • Know where all nearby copy and office supply stores are located
  • Secure a caterer, supply healthy food and drinks for the staff
  • Have a list of all restaurants that will deliver food
  • Create a map with flags for restaurants, supply and copy stories, and anything else that might be needed, such as pharmacies
  • Provide the comforts people need to perform their best, such as a place to rest, work alone, or to get a workout
  • Know your delivery options for packages and vital information
  • Ensure comfortable ergonomic seating is available
  • Plan a celebration for when you win the trial
  • Keep morale up by reminding staff this is more than just a job
  • Be flexible and allow for new approaches
  • EXPECT and plan for the occasional crisis and know how your team will handle it
  • Have high-ranking firm employees pop in to give pats on the back – appreciation is key
  • Seek ways to foster strong group kinship

SmartSource provides rentals to properly set up your war room plus we offer complete technical support for all your war room equipment to ensure optimal performance.

Give us a call at 800-888-8686 to learn more about what we can offer your firm, or request a quote today.