For museums, exhibitions, showrooms, trade shows, product launches, and marketing campaigns, exhibits are a way to draw visitors into a fresh world of experiences, ideas, and information. Naturally, technology is paving new ground—enhancing the viewer’s involvement with a subject, product, or idea.

Exhibits have been a stimulating event  since the dawn of recorded history; for thousands of years, humans have created opportunities “to collect, preserve, interpret, and display items of artistic, cultural, or scientific significance for the education of the public.”(1) Naturally, modern exhibits have a number of technological advances that help to promote an exhibition’s goals, enhance its educational opportunities, and make it more widely accessible to the public.

The spectrum of exhibits includes (but is CERTAINLY not limited to . . .):

  • Organized presentations
  • Displays of collected or related items
  • Historical perspectives
  • Artistic interpretations
  • Commercial exhibitions
  • Video installations
  • Performances
  • Interactive art
  • Scientific research
  • Interactive displays
  • Industry expos

Customized Technology that Enriches Presentations

For any type of exhibit, professional technology rentals, tech support, and software solutions are a necessity. The right exhibit technology will:

  • Enhance the value of displays
  • Provide the ideal format for presentations
  • Increase viewer engagement
  • Stimulate interest and excitement
  • Advance informational and educational goals

Consider the following options:

IPads and Touchscreens – every exhibit begins with a mission statement—an explanation of its product(s), vision, history, contributors, challenges, application, and perspective. The PURPOSE of an exhibit needs to be presented almost immediately, in order to draw visitors in and put them in the proper mindset. Touchscreen displays and iPad kiosks are an excellent way to present an exhibit’s signage, while offering background information and answering questions.

3D Displays– exhibits seek to engage visitors, and there is no more engaging visual than 3D presentations and displays! A 3D display can help to stop guests in their tracks and pull them into a remarkable visual experience—this deeper engagement is an ideal opportunity for event organizers to offer the “meat” of their presentation through slide shows, demonstrations, videos, interviews, and stunning high-quality graphics.

Sound Showers – whether in a museum setting or on a crowded trade show floor, ambient noise is a fierce competitor for your guests’ attention. Sound shower speakers were—literally—designed to provide targeted sound for busy spaces. The sound shower speakers can be floor mounted or hung from above, to save floor space. These remarkable speakers naturally direct the exhibit’s audio content to precisely the location where guests are waiting to listen.

Video Walls – televisions and movie theater screens have been around for decade upon decade, but they still manage to enthrall us with their size! Needless to say, a video wall is always an eye-catching way to make a HUGE statement with your content! If your exhibit has valuable video content to show, don’t make visitors huddle around a micro-screen—present your material on a video wall that can be seen from the other end of the exhibit hall! There’s no better way to get eyes on your content!

Video Mapping – video mapping converts stationary objects into dynamic presentation opportunities. In space-limited exhibit areas, the floors, walls, and furnishings can be used as a unique display zone for logos, active lighting, and more!

Audio Visual and Lighting – we’ve mentioned the eye-catching options and upgrades, but professional audio visual, lighting, and staging are at the core of any exhibit—ensuring that the exhibition area is inviting, that key areas are visually highlighted, and that your exhibit’s sales team, docents, hosts, speakers, and presenters are able to receive the attention that their ideas deserve.

SmartSource has the Experience to Emphasize YOUR Experience

With 23 locations coast-to-coast and over 30 years in the event technology rentals industry, SmartSource is expertly poised to help your business showcase its expertise, ideas, products, and initiatives! Get a quote today—we can offer the technology solutions that will turn your exhibit into an EXPERIENCE!



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