Creating a successful gaming conference requires not only the same level of management and innovation as any other tradeshow, it also requires an even greater emphasis on technology.

As you are no doubt aware, advances in technology are taking place in all areas of our lives, and clearly the gaming world is no exception.

When you are in the business of gaming, whether you’re creating video games or are a gaming event manager, you know you have to have access to the most advanced processors, with cutting edge graphics capacity and memory.

Additionally, new technology is becoming as much of a focal point of conversations, as the games themselves. According to the LA Times:

…It’s technology as much as the games that’s driving discussions this year. Streaming technology is rapidly bringing more games to more devices. New display technology is showing promise for igniting a new form of gaming. And mobile technology, of course, continues to sprout new gamers…

And there is a lot of great new technology impacting the gaming world to get excited about.


Gaming Technology to Get Excited About

  • Virtual Reality Googles are making their way onto the market. This virtual reality technology can allow for a totally immersive experience.
  • Facial Recognition includes 3D scanning, which allows you to create your own look-alike avatar in a game, can also have the ability to allow the game to adapt to your emotions.
  • Voice Recognition is big and getting bigger. It goes hand in hand with virtual reality, which requires that the player use something different to control the game.
  • Wearable technology creates the ability for portable gaming. Fitness applications are now being blended with entertainment to create a game-like experience.
  • Mobile gaming is one of the largest growing areas as it pulls in more casual gamers, such as commuters and waiting rooms.

Launching a Video Game?

If you’re attending a video game conference for the purposes of launching a video game, standing out is the key. Here are some tips to give you that edge:

Prior to planning your gaming booth make sure all your basics are in place including:

  • Website
  • Social media presence
  • Development blog
  • Trailers (this really helps people get excited about your game)
  • Make sure you’ve tested the performance of your game. To help you with this, at SmartSource Rentals we rent computers on a daily, weekly or monthly basis with different hardware configurations to test drive your software. We offer the latest laptop rentals, iPads and PC desktops to test the performance standards and make certain your app runs efficiently on multiple platforms.

Once you begin planning to attend a gaming conference, you want to grab attention for your gaming booth and get people to try your game. Here are some basic gaming booth success tips to help you in your planning:

  • Bring surge protectors and other supplies with tape and pencils
  • Practice demonstrating your game with friends and family ahead of time
  • Remember that your booth is a reflection of your game
  • Think color in your banners and swag (keep it relevant to your game)
  • Allow people to play the game without interfering or invading their space
  • Have a call to action that asks booth visitors to do something
  • Aim to create an experience that sets you apart

That means you should consider using technology that is big and attention-getting.

But you don’t have to invest in purchasing this equipment, which can be a huge budget setback. Games can be played on a variety of mobile devices, ranging from IPads to Smartphones to Laptops. And for maximum impact, our seamless plasma video walls can be configured in a 2 x 2 or up to a 10 x 10 setup for viewer effect. In addition, we can provide custom sound setups, a key component for stand out impact.

Bottom line? Figure out something you can do to draw attention to your booth whether it’s a big screen showing trailers, or tablets with preloaded games, or giant cut outs.

Tech Rentals for Video Game Tournaments, Demos, and Conferences

SmartSource has a multimillion-dollar inventory to provide an entire network of High Definition monitors and workstations with everything you need for video game tournaments, conventions or product demos.

In 2016 aim to create your best events yet by tapping into the technology trends for that truly interactive, successful user experience, that attendees crave.

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