In the spirit of Thanksgiving, in a previous article titled “What to be Thankful for at Your Next Event”, we talked about some of those little things at events and conferences which are worth noticing and being grateful for.

Those of us who work in the business of technology have a lot of reasons to be thankful. Technology is a tool which can save a life, serve as an inspiration, and it can support leaders and speakers to help get their message out. And most of us here would not have the business we have without technology.

And no doubt you can name how technology is part of your daily life.  In an instant you can connect with a friend who lives on the other side of the world and you can run a business from your home office or help your customers who live in any part of the world. You can follow your far-away family on their daily adventures or you can become a singing sensation without first having a record contract.

At SmartSource Rentals we have provided rental products and services for over 30 years so we’ve seen many technology trends come and go. We’ve watched phones and computers get smaller, and display screens get bigger. And we know a lot about what the right technology can do to improve your trade show or event so your business can be more successful. From large digital signage to SmartStation Kiosks our goal is to help you with the technology you need.

But technology goes way beyond helping us with modern day conferences and corporate events.

Technology allows us to get a closer look at history:

  • archaeologists have found that there is far more to Stonehenge than meets the eye by using ground-penetrating radar and GPS-guided magnetometers1
  • lost pyramids have been discovered with satellite images2
  • and using a remote-operated underwater vehicle a Canadian research team has solved one of Canada’s biggest historical mysteries3 by finding one of Sir John Franklin’s lost ships3.

Space technology helps us monitor the environment:

  • data from satellites and probes gives us the ability to collect information about changes in the climate
  • and space technology can help us improve the accuracy of disaster forecasts, such as floods.4

And many forms of technology give us incredible opportunities in medicine such as:

  • the ability to operate on patients from hundreds of miles away through the use of a robot surgeon
  • or by giving someone tools for a better life, like with Sgt. Russ Marek who uses NASA technology5 to control a prosthetic arm.

Technology lets us look into the past and will take us into the future. As a technology rental business we are, of course, thankful for technology.

But more importantly, we are thankful for the chance to serve you, our customers. We are grateful that you give us the opportunity to work with you side by side in our mutual endeavors to provide the very best in Total Technology Rental Solutions for your business.

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