Showcasing your brand at a trade show or exhibit is no longer just about having a presence; it’s about cutting through the noise and capturing attention to engage with the show’s audience.

With technology constantly evolving, digital displays have risen as one of the most impactful tools for companies to engage their audience due to their versatility and ability to capture attention.

In this guide, we’ll explore ten creative ways to use digital displays and event tech at your next exhibit and make a lasting impression on potential clients.

Here’s how you can use this tech to make your booth the talk of the town or, certainly, the exhibit hall.

1. Create interactive experiences

An Interactive Table can transform how attendees perceive your brand.

Imagine walking up to a booth and physically interacting with a product (virtually or for real) for a closer look or dive deep to understand multiple parts of the product you may have on display.

With an interactive table, you can display product information, videos, and images and even have a virtual try-on experience, which will not only engage the audience but also give them an immersive experience with your brand, engaging with two of your potential clients’ senses: sight and touch.

These interactive features create a memorable and innovative experience that sticks with your audience long after the event has finished.

2. Use high-quality visuals on LED walls

Bright or dull, captivating or boring—your booth’s visual appeal can make or break a first impression.

High-resolution images and videos displayed crisply on digital screens are magnetic to a passing crowd.

Ensure consistency in your color schemes, themes, and logos across all your visuals to create an instantly recognizable, cohesive brand message.

The grandeur of LED walls can transform your booth into a large, dynamic canvas; whether you want to loop a video showcasing your product’s features or present a brand narrative, LED walls offer unlimited flexibility and can be seen from a distance, making your booth a beacon on the expo floor.

3. Large screen displays

When it comes to visual impact, there’s truth to the adage “Go big or go home.”

Like the LED walls, large or multiple screens to prominently display your messages can dominate the visual field, drawing in attendees from all corners of the exhibit hall.

Whether it’s a stunning, ultrawide short-throw projector or a 90-inch 4K LED display, choose the size that best fits your space and budget, and tailor your display content to the right audience.

If you have a busy booth, large display screens can display important brand or product info, keeping your team free to focus on engaging with clients and prospects who visit your exhibit.

4. Use portrait LED screens

Portrait LED screens are the new pop-up banners.

These slim, towering giants are show-stopping and customizable, like all good digital solutions should be.

Whether it’s a single image with in-booth presentation information, a branded message, or a scrolling display showcasing a portfolio of work, portrait LEDs are versatile and don’t just stand tall—they stand out.

Portrait LED & Interactive Kiosks

5. Interactive games

Have you ever lost track of time playing games on your phone?

Even if you can resist better than most, you understand that gamification is a powerful engagement tool, and you can make room for fun at your next exhibit.

Consider a custom-designed game related to your industry or product; those who play could win a prize or a discount. Not only does this foster interaction, but it also provides more opportunities to communicate your brand message in a fun and non-intrusive way.

Interactive Kiosks

6. Provide exclusive digital content

Offering exclusive content—whitepapers, case studies, or access to webinars—available only to booth visitors can significantly boost your perceived value.

Consider hosting an industry influencer to talk about the latest trends in your sector. Check out the trend sessions we hosted at PCMA Convening Leaders with Julius Solaris here. Attendees can sign up for the session at your booth and receive notifications via email or social media when your post-event summaries or reports become available.

This drives traffic to your booth and adds value to their experience, as attendees are likely to give you their contact information in exchange for such quality content, allowing you to continue the engagement beyond the exhibit.

7. Capture event leads digitally

Utilize iPads or tablets with digital forms that attendees can quickly fill out or, better yet, enable them to submit their information via a QR code, which can be more cost-effective than expensive event apps.

You’re streamlining the process and showcasing your brand as tech-savvy and efficient, a message in itself. Plus, digital lead capture platforms can integrate with your CRM system, making it easier to follow up and track potential clients after the event.

8. Use AR or VR technology

Augmented Reality (AR) or Virtual Reality (VR) are still relatively underused technologies in exhibits that can elevate your booth experience to the next level.

With AR, you can superimpose virtual objects onto a real-world environment, allowing attendees to interact with your products in ways they never could before. If you prepare properly, you could show your product in key prospects’ showrooms or offices.  

On the other hand, VR lets visitors immerse themselves in a 3D world for an unforgettable experience.

Both technologies provide a unique and exciting way for attendees to engage with your brand, making it more memorable and shareable.

9. Add an AI photo booth

Who doesn’t love a good photo booth?

Take it up a notch and add AI technology to your traditional photo booth to create characters for your exhibit visitors.

With features like virtual props and background replacement, attendees can take photos incorporating your brand, making for fun and shareable content on social media. Add a social wall to your booth and showcase the people who visited your booth in real-time to attract “people like me” audiences.

10. Measure exhibit engagement

Don’t forget to measure success.

It can be effortless to create the biggest, brightest, and best exhibit you’ve ever dreamed of, but if you don’t track how long attendees interacted with each digital feature or which content got the most leads, how will you know what worked and what didn’t work for your business?

An effective lead capture and analysis strategy can help you understand which products were most interesting or which areas of your booth or business have room for improvement in future exhibits.

By using data-driven analysis, you can continually optimize your exhibit experience and make informed decisions for future events.

How do you understand what tech is right for your booth?

Knowing which tech to deploy or which type of AV to use can be daunting, but it all starts with understanding your audience and their needs.

Consider the demographics of those attending the event, their interests, and what they value regarding technology or interactivity.

Are they primarily young professionals who are tech-savvy or an older crowd who may not be as familiar with digital solutions?

Do you want to focus on creating a memorable experience for attendees?

By answering these questions, you can better determine which tech solutions will best suit your booth and help drive the desired results.

Additionally, you could speak to our SmartSource experienced event tech team to ensure your exhibits are always cutting-edge and engaging for your audience.

Investing in digital displays and interactive event technology is not just a gimmick—it’s a strategic move for your next exhibit.

It’s about enhancing human connection through innovative technology, creating memorable and measurable experiences.

The next time you set up your trade show booth, incorporate these tips to take your booth from mundane to majestic.