SmartSource Rentals (SSR) has taken a bold step to improve efficiencies among its 21 national branch locations through the implementation of  a program to streamline operations and improve workplace conditions. Below is an explanation of the 6S Program and why it should matter to you when considering an audiovisual rental company. 


This program consists of the following components: 

  • Sort: SmartSource consistently goes through their equipment to determine what should be kept and what needs to go. Rather than placing the burden on you, SSR is constantly studying which equipment makes sense to acquire, as well as, retire. 
  • Stabilize: They arrange the equipment in a way to create the best workflow with clear labeling and ample signage. Sometimes you need equipment in a hurry or it is a last-minute change request. Your company decided –  when onsite – to use Audience Response rentals instead of paper. Having confidence in an organization that can find the equipment and deliver it quickly, can make the difference in the success of your program. 
  • Shine: SSR works continuously to make their work area clean and orderly. As items return from meetings, conferences and trade shows, they are quickly reviewed, maintained and placed back on the shelf. Keeping conference and trade show technology rentals maintained and in great working order is as important to SmartSource as it is to you! 
  • Standardize: They are standardizing on work procedures for all team members across the country – from New York to California. 
  • Sustain: This phase consists of team members training new employees on the standards. This practice will continue as employees come and go throughout their 20 locations. 
  • Safety: This element of the program focuses on identifying and eliminating potential hazards on the floor and creating a safe environment for all workers. 


The following benefits are expected from the implementation of this program:

  • Heightened employee productivity due to proper placement of equipment, standardized work order processes, and ability to get the equipment out faster;
  • Reduced work order errors because of proper staff training and improved signage;
  • Enhanced safety due to quick and proper placement of equipment and keeping the warehouse very clean. 

"In order to meet our customers' demands, we need to maintain an efficient inventory system where everything is in its proper place, clearly marked, safely stacked and protected….By implementing the 6S program and getting our entire team behind this 'lean' system, we are able to maintain the high customer service standards we have set for our organization," stated Michael McClernon, President and CEO at SmartSource Rentals. 

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