Your annual holiday gathering is just around the corner and this year, you want it to be extra special for the employees. After all they have worked very hard and it is a time to celebrate your company's success. Rather than holding a run-of-the-mill luncheon, you want to host a motivational and festive party to start the new year right. 

Below are do's and don'ts about holiday parties that can help make the moment special:  

Don't treat a holiday party as a mundane meeting. 
Yes, it is quite possible that employees see each other every day and it is easy to assume that everyone knows the ins and outs of each other's lives. But because we are all so busy, often times employees use social gatherings to get to know each other better and understand the upcoming plans for the organization. 

Do take this opportunity to market your business, share plans for the coming year and bring the meeting to life. 
You know this to be true: your employees are your best sales team. If they are motivated by the CEO's message, are aware of what is planned for the coming year and receive some recognition for their efforts — they are more likely to be engaged in the business. Use sound and lighting rental systems to make certain everyone can hear and see what is happening on stage and throughout the room. 

Don't create a mood for the meeting. 
Due to budgetary concerns, you have had to cut back on the holiday party. However, a party is not a standard boardroom meeting with presentations services audio visual equipment and individuals in a darkened room at 8 am. It is much, much more. 

Do use all 5 senses to create the mood. 

  • Sight: Can everyone see each other? Can you use light equipment rentals in an unusual way to create the mood? Perhaps colored holiday lighting or strings of lights around the room?
  • Sound: If you are having music or entertainment, make certain all sound components are tested hours before your event. The last thing you want is the mic to cut in and out or the music to be so soft or loud it puts a damper on the party's mood. Have an AV technician on hand during the festivities to monitor the sound quality and make the proper adjustments when needed. 
  • Smell: If the venue allows for it, burn scented candles on each table. Or put food stations around the room where employees can smell the food each chef is preparing. 
  • Taste: Having well-prepared festive food and drink can make or break a holiday party. Eggnog, cookies, turkey, cranberries, and other holiday treats — that are made from scratch — will help set a positive mood and have employees asking for more. 
  • Touch: Set up photo kiosks for fun employee shots. Rent iPads as portable kiosks for employees to put social posts about the party on their wall and display them on Plasma TVs around the room in order to make the event more interactive. 

The more senses involved in the process, the better it is for setting the right mood for the party.

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