Nothing beats visual input. “Seeing is believing,” as they say. For business events, there is no substitute for the images that clearly and immediately convey your message to your audience. For events, style and content are two critical factors that determine success—how impressed guests feel by their experience and how much they understand and retain the event’s mission.

Beauty and Purpose: Lead Your Guests with Technology that Attracts Attention
Digital screens or projection screens combine form and function—easily conveying information, while also setting the stage for any event. Screens help you create a clear focal point that puts your text, videos, and images exactly where they need to be, leading your guests with technology that attracts interest. The following technology options offer exceptional flexibility and set an audio visual foundation that is appropriate for every business event.

Digital Signage Displays – this network of plasma, LED or LCD monitors is connected and centrally managed, allowing an ideal situation for relaying and displaying information. There is simply no better method of targeting information, advertising, sponsorships, and entertainment at any event. Not only do these display systems provide a dynamic improvement over traditional signage, but they offer the additional advantage of adapting to the changing needs and schedule of your event.
Use digital signage solutions for:
• Event Agendas
• Wayfinding and Directories
• Up-to-the-minute Local News and Info
• Real-time Event Activity
• Trade Show Signage
• Sponsorship, Advertising, and Branding
• Glasses-free 3D Displays

Projection Screens – projectors and screens are a trusted staple for presentations, but their merits extend far beyond PowerPoint. Projection screens and powerful video projectors can provide fresh and exciting lighting effects and backdrops for nearly any setting—creating lightweight, flexible, economical, instant images for Event Planners and Designers.
Use projection screens for:
• Backdrops
• Projection Surfaces
• Exhibition Stands
• Conference Sets
• Ambient Lighting
• Staging or Set Scenery

Touch Screen Displays – more than just visual, touch screen monitors are interactive information centers, capable of providing knowledge as they simultaneously gather data. Touch screen displays are an informational powerhouse, offering unlimited potential, freedom from print collateral, vast sponsorship opportunities, gamification applications, lead capture data, surveying options, and interactive demos.
Use touch screen displays to give and collect valuable material for:
• Annual Meetings
• Association Meetings
• Employee Gatherings
• Interactive Applications
• Mobile Marketing Tours
• Training Events
• Digital Document Libraries
• Conferences
• Product Launches
• Political Rallies
• Charity Events
• Conventions
• Trade Shows

Video Walls – there is no higher-impact visual than a monumental wall of high-resolution screens. This impressive technology option is created through a series of LED, LCD, or plasma monitors that can be seamlessly configured to suit any need. The monitors can act independently, in groups, or present a single massive image—offering endless potential for show-stopping representations, graphics, messages, and videos.
Use video walls for:
• Indoor Billboards
• High-impact Signage
• Lobbies
• Corporate Events
• Conference Presentations
• Galas
• Theater Presentations
• Broadcasts
• Executive Meetings
• Trade Shows and Conventions
• Social Media Feeds
• Event Highlights!
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