With an estimated 80% of conference attendees having smartphones at their disposal, is it any wonder they are constantly distracted by them? Now smartphones and tablets have a cool name when it comes to presentations: Second Screen Technology. What is it you might ask and how can it benefit your meeting? 

Second Screen Technology (SST) turns every attendee's device into an extension of the PowerPoint presentation equipment in the front of the room. It allows the user to see the slides "up close and personal" as the speaker is going through their talk. 

While there are many apps that can deliver this option, there are some things you need to consider before implementing SST — whether you rent iPads for your attendees or they Bring Their Own Devices (BYOD). Let's explore the questions to consider and the benefits of this offering.   


  • Will you be supplying the second screens or will you rely on BYOD? 
    This question always boils down to the ability of the app to run on multiple platforms. The easy way is to rent Tablet PCs and have the apps already loaded on them. If you choose the BYOD route, you will need to know exactly what each attendee is bringing to the conference and make certain it is supported by the application.  
  • Will the app be web-based or native? 
    A web-based app is just that — it sits up on a cloud and is being refreshed as the user moves through the program. A native app is downloaded once and does not rely on the Internet to function.  
  • How many devices will be connected and how will they be connected? 
    The number of devices connected to the Wi-Fi system at any one time and the applications they run can bring a conference center's system to its knees. However, if you suspect this may be an issue, you can rent a Wi-Fi network array as a dedicated bandwidth booster to make your Internet connections fast, secure and robust. 


  • Video, audio, photos and PowerPoint slides will be right at your attendee's fingertips as seen on the big screen. 
    Attendees will be able to follow along with the presenter and yet stay connect to the home office. If they have to step out of the room, they will still be able to view the presentation and hear the speaker. 
  • Learner outcomes can be measured quickly. 
    Through the use of polls, note taking and questions being asked via an online community or social channel — attendees, speakers and trainers can know instantly whether or not their message was received. 
  • Attendees will be more engaged. 
    With a second screen, attendees can review the slides at their own pace, take notes, ask questions to the presenter and other attendees and post to social channels — all from one device. 

AV Event Solutions can be your partner for second screen technology by providing your organization with iPad rentals, laptops and Wi-Fi network arrays. Give them a call at 888.249.4903 to get the process started!