This shouldn’t be surprising; most professionals feel meetings are a waste of time. In fact, of the 2,250 senior business professionals that were surveyed by Barco, 93% feel stress because time is wasted, and deadlines are missed due to business meetings. In fact, 12% think these discussions contribute to lost promotions and sales opportunities. All because information isn’t available or captured effectively.

However, Artificial Intelligence (AI) is starting to show real promise in this arena. AI-powered meetings bring more context and Intelligence to your meeting, which result in stronger relationships, better conversations, and faster decisions.  Today’s blog post will focus on the many uses of AI and the benefits that go along with it.

Artificial Intelligence Uses

  1. Once the agenda is sent out, AI can recommend useful documentation.
    Wouldn’t it be great if you had a tool that scanned the cloud and your computer for all documentation associated with the meeting topic? And presented it in a logical way? AI can do that!
  2. Voice and facial recognition technology identify everyone in the room.
    We have all been there… Your virtual meeting starts and suddenly you are faced with people you have never met before. There is no time for introductions, but with AI  this isn’t a concern because each persons name and title appear on the screen below their face. Shared documents, presentations and the company’s digital messages are all easily shared. In addition, as people speak, the system can identify who’s talking without asking for their name. Even distinguish between people with the same name, by their voice or face. Lastly, it keeps out people who are not authorized to attend and won’t start the meeting until the leader arrives.
  3. AV and IoT devices can be easily managed.
    Monitors, computers and projector rentals, as well as room temperature and lighting, are controlled through a centralized system. Computers and tablet rentals suggest additional materials (i.e. email threads, PowerPoint presentations) based on what they are currently accessing. At the end of the meeting, lights can be turned off, temperatures turned down and computers secured, without any human interaction.
  4. Microphones will transcribe everything.
    A centralized system provides real-time dictation and translation, assigns key tasks to individuals, sends follow-up reminders based on timeframe expectations and shares calendar invites without using an assistant or project leader to manage this process.
  5. Virtual participants will be equally engaged in the meeting.
    With video conferencing technology on large LED display rentals, remote employees can participate equally in the meeting, even those who may not speak the native language of other participants.


Four Key AI Benefits

1)Increase efficiency.

2) Speed up decision-making time.

3) Control IoT devices and A/V equipment.

4) Aggregate all information in the cloud.

These are the overarching benefits of AI in the meeting space, and while it is seeming far, far away, it really isn’t. As technology becomes smarter, cloud storage becomes cheaper, and users become willing to sacrifice privacy for the sake of efficiency, look for AI to unfold at a meeting close to you.


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