Events depend heavily on up-to-the-minute information that is easily accessed. Any convention, trade show, conference, training session or business meeting involves large numbers of individuals—each needing to know where to go and what to do next. In the past, Event Managers relied on printed materials such as maps, agendas, and speaker information; unfortunately, printed materials were never able to adapt to the constantly changing conditions of our modern world—flight delays, room changes, speaker cancellations, unforeseen circumstances . . . Happily, digital signage has almost completely replaced print collateral—bringing with it the promise of effortless adaptability!

Digital Signage Products Fill Multiple Needs
Digital signs are extraordinarily customizable products that are capable of filling multiple uses and needs for conventions, exhibits, trade shows, conferences and other events.
1. Use digital signage for your event or conference agenda – easily answer “who, what, when, where, and why” for your sessions. Better still, the information on the agenda can be sorted and presented by time or date, or shifted to suit an attendee’s search needs.
2. Use digital signage as a show locator service – present information on the show floor, providing an alphabetical listing of exhibitors and a map that guides guests to the booth they’re seeking.
3. Use digital signage as a digital flight board – save time and frustration for your guests by giving them all the flight information they need—exactly what they would see at the airport—giving them peace of mind AND more time at the event! See flights, delays, and alphabetical listings by airlines, time, or by destination.
4. Use digital signage for location mapping – this feature acts as a local concierge service that provides your guests with suggestions, maps, ratings, addresses, and directions for restaurants, businesses, venues, attractions and services in your event area.
5. Use digital signage to promote your keynote feature – Event Organizers pay a lot of money for keynote speakers. Digital signage is an eye-catching and informational way to present a speaker’s bio, testimonials, videos, and marketing materials that increase excitement for the subject matter and the session.
6. Use digital signage for up-to-the-minute news feeds – digital screens are perfect for RSS or news tickers that provide your guests with global, national, local, or industry news, as well as vital basics like the time, date, and weather.
7. Use digital signage for social media feeds – the screens are perfect for gathering updates from social media and presenting the ideas, comments, insights, and views regarding the event itself.
8. Use digital signage to increase sponsorships – through customized material, logos, canned videos or videos on the fly, digital signage offers thousands of ways to gain sponsorship revenue by connecting attendees to your sponsors’ content.
9. Use digital signage to customize your event – with digital signage products, content works independently and Event Organizers can flip features based on what’s most important to the audience at that time. Planners can easily change the formatting and customize any content to match the look and feel of the event.
10. Use digital signage to present ANY content that you need – feature any content that offers value to your business, organizers, sponsors, exhibitors, or attendees, including slideshows, demonstrations, videos, interactive materials, games, networking forums, quizzes, surveys, document libraries, and more!

With printed materials, you’re stuck with it. Digital signage is the best way to truly reflect the complexity of your brand! View our SmartSource Rentals Digital Signage demonstration!