Every week it seems there is some new form of technology that is advertised to make your life or business bigger and better. And, as with all advertising, sometimes it actually does help, and sometimes it creates more headaches for you or becomes a technology nightmare you want to shot-put through the window. Really, how many of us want a smartphone that makes us feel dumb?

The trick, as they say, is to select the right piece of equipment to suit you, your goals, and your budget. Sure, when it comes to your personal phone there are plenty of experts who can help you make the right selection. But when it comes to technology for your business and exhibiting at trade shows, the vast array of technology choices makes decision-making much more complicated, so it’s harder to find an expert with your best interests at heart.

But no worries, we’re going to walk you through some of the questions to ask and ideas to consider to make your choices easier.

The First Question to Ask Yourself about Exhibit Technology

When you’re in the market for trade show technology and you’re not familiar with what the best options for you are, one of the first questions you should ask yourself is this:

Will this particular technology really help me meet my goals and boost my bottom line?

The latest technology can be fun, but it’s probably not worth investing hundreds or thousands of company dollars just for fun. And getting the best ROI from your booth at a trade show or conference is always a primary consideration.

To help determine if a certain piece of technology will help you meet your goals, here are some tips to follow:

  • The technology you select must be relevant to your message and the person viewing or interacting with the technology. Coolness with no relevance is ultimately not going to be good for your ROI.

Will the technology help you gather the right data for your company to be able to follow up with potential customers?

If you need to gather specific data for more effective follow-up, then make sure you have the technology in place to give you what you need.  If you are selecting a type of entertainment equipment, will it work with your brand and your message and create the right impression?

Will it enhance product or service engagement?

You can seek out technology that creates an atmosphere of direct interaction (touch screen), or you can rent technology such as a charging kiosk and create a lounge that gives your crew the time and opportunity to create personal engagement with potential customers.

Will the equipment give you a more creative and impressive way to display product information?

Something as simple as a large-screen slideshow can add some great punch to otherwise potentially mundane information.  If you need to be able to update your event information on the fly, make sure the technology you use will allow you to do so easily.

Will the technology make it more fun for customers to interact with your brand?

People are much more into interaction than just watching as a bystander, so aim for technology that gives potential customers a hands-on experience.

Will your booth crew be able to handle technology issues (or will you hire an expert)?

The last thing you want is to have technology as part of your exhibit that is not working properly. This goes for all technology – don’t assume your crew automatically knows how to use iPads, for instance.

For more Trade Show Exhibit Technology Tips for a Better ROI go check out Part 2 where we discuss creative ways to use your event technology to make a greater impression and therefore gain higher ROI.