In Part 1 of “Trade Show Exhibit Technology Tips for a Better ROI,” we covered some basic ideas and tips to consider when you’re gearing up for your next exhibit. In Part 2 we’re going to discuss some creative ways to incorporate specific event technology to make a greater impression and therefore boost your ROI.

Video Walls

You can’t rely on increasing your ROI by just by popping a large screen up and running your two-year-old slide show and then hoping people stop to take a look so you can get their name.

Well done digital signage, such as a video wall, is a way to make your brand and message more prominent, but it’s important not to stop there. When you invest in renting state-of-the-art equipment, you need to dispense with your old slideshow and develop your message and presentation to fit that technology in order to maximize the potential and impact.

For example, a video wall display can show content as if it’s a single unit, or each monitor can act independently, which opens up lots of creative avenues for your content. Create content that is relevant and specifically designed to engage and motivate while informing the viewer. And if you want to use something such as a video wall display and you’d like to offset the cost, you could consider selling sponsorship space.

iPads and Laptops

If your goals and budget take you more toward creating customer interaction with iPads and laptops, again, don’t stop short of fully utilizing the technology. Here are just a few things to consider when setting up with your iPad or laptop content and software to maximize your ROI:

  • create a document library
  • demonstrate a product or service
  • capture leads, collecting data for effective follow up contact which you can do immediately via email if desired
  • provide customer service (for example, a real-time trade show help center)
  • provide training
  • allow for visitor social media posting (make it easy for them to post to your wall)
  • digital prize drawings—digital entry submission for a brand-relevant giveaway
  • interactive game – if you rent multiple iPads for your exhibit many people can play at once
  • surveys

These are just a few possible technologies you can use in your next exhibit. But no matter which technology you choose, the important thing to keep in mind is that once you’ve selected the technology that fits into your goals, don’t stop with using that technology for just the common things you see at every trade show. Push your creative team to come up with ways that really maximize that technology while engaging the customer and still getting your important information across.

Always keep these three things in mind when planning your exhibit:

  1. make the technology and content relevant to your brand and goals
  2. be as creative as your budget and resources will allow
  3. have your backup plan and expertise in line in case something goes wrong with your chosen technology

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