In Monday's post, I focused on the up and coming audio equipment trends to be on the look out for within the industry. While it is important to continue to look to the future for smaller, smarter and more budget-friendly audio equipment, it is key to make certain whatever equipment you use, it works properly.

Recently in BizBash Magazine,  Midori Connolly, an AudioVisual Speaker, Writer and Consultant, shared some great tips and tricks that every meeting planner can use. Here are recommendations based on those tips and a timeline for implementing each step:


  • Ask each presenter if they will be requiring any sound sources (such as a video or music from their computer) to be amplified to the audience. Find out exactly what it is they will be playing and obtain the right equipment from your AV provider. 
  • Let your AV technician know how many channels you anticipate for sound. Be sure to include your mics, DVDs, music and presentation services equipment in that configuration. Connolly recommends you leave at least one channel open as a contingency. 
  • Make sure you have the right mics for each presenter and every setup. For example, the mic requirements will be different for a solo speaker versus a panel. Also consider whether your presenter will stand behind a podium or roam around the room. 


  • Have the conference equipment rental organization meet you at the venue to conduct a test-drive of the sound system. Test for every location attendees will be seated to ensure adequate sound quality. Take notes where the sound is weak. 
  • If you find deficiencies in the sound quality, brainstorm with your AV partner for the best cost-efficient alternatives. 
  • When renting audio visual equipment, verify your AV technician has extra microphones and batteries in the room. 


  • When running through their talk, instruct your presenters where to stand to avoid feedback from the microphone system. Connelly suggests even taping off an area on the stage as a physical queue to keep them within the area. 
  • If you are running a hybrid meeting and streaming video online, make certain it is clear by running the feed directly into the audio console or webcasting platform. Test the system to make certain there is no audio lag. 


  • Make certain your AV company is onsite several hours before the meeting to test the sound system. Confirm they have backup supplies on hand.
  • Have each presenter meet with the AV Team at least an hour before their presentation to ensure the proper sound check for themselves and any video they may run from their computer system. 

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