The German Convention Bureau wants to know and follow how the meeting industry is going to change and develop over the next 17 years. So they have created an ongoing survey tool called "Meetings and Conventions 2030: A Study of Megatrends Shaping Our Industry" in hopes they will identify, analyze and evaluate trends and tendencies and their probable meaning for the meetings industry. 

"The meetings industry is an economic driver for nations all over the world. We envision this mega-trends study helping players in the industry develop a future-oriented strategy that can generate business and economic success," stated Matthias Schultze, Managing Director at the German Convention Bureau. 

Here are the top 5 mega-trends identified by the study as having a very strong impact on the meetings industry:

  1. 42% of respondents identified technology as very influential to the future of meetings. 

    What does this mean? As technology gets faster, cheaper and better, the lines will blur between live and virtual events. If you are not using interactive technology tool rentals in your meetings now, this is a perfect time to become familiar with all the offerings available. And if you have not run a hybrid meeting, perhaps it is time to plan one. 

  2. 29% said that globalization will have a major impact on the industry. 

    What does this mean? Meeting planners are going to have to become acutely aware of different country cultures, preferences and lifestyles. In addition, they will need to speak multiple languages or have access to individuals that are able to translate on their behalf. 

  3. 26% of the survey participants want to get to and from the event with the smallest carbon footprint. 

    What does this mean? Attendees want easily accessible event locations from the air, train or car. This may create the need for more regional meetings where attendees can easily get to them. 

  4. 21% said sustainability is important. 

    What does this mean? Planners want to know everything about the meeting's green practices from the hotel to the speakers. They will be focused on going local for their supplier base and try to encourage local and regional attendees to come to their event. 

  5. 18% cited understanding the demographic shift in the industry is important. 

    What does this mean? Today, and probably for years to come, we have four generations in the workplace which means four different wants and needs for each conference. You will need to pay attention to accessibility for mature workers and Wi-Fi bandwidth for Gen Yers. In addition, as more women travel as planners, speakers and attendees, it is important to address any security concerns they may have. 

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