video wall rental

"What is a video wall and how will it help make my event more memorable?" you might be asking yourself. In an age of 3-D technology and HD devices — video wall rentals — are what attendees expect to see at a large conference or convention. 

A video wall is a series of High Definition LCD monitors positioned together to act as one contiguous large viewing area or, if you desire, separate images can be used on each panel. They can display video, photos, and be connected to PowerPoint presentation equipment, replacing standard screen rentals. 


All video walls are custom, from as small as 2' x 2' to as large as 10' x 10'. These LCD monitors have ultra narrow bezels allowing the screens to look like a seamless wall, especially from a distance. TileMatrix technology enables you to see one large image across multiple screens while Edge Comp technology corrects and levels the brightness across multiple screens, creating a beautiful, uniform display. 

An AV Technician can quickly install and configure the video wall and then upload the content. Due to enhancements in technology, almost any size or format file can be displayed. AV Event Solutions provides qualified, in-house programmers that will remain onsite in case there are any last minute changes or corrections. 


Video Walls can be utilized in the following settings:

  • Trade show booth: Display your products, services, logo and/or video testimonials continuously, even when you are talking with a prospect or client. 
  • Hybrid event: Where you are gathering a large number of individuals remotely to view an educational meeting, attend a product launching event or obtain important company news, a video wall can make them "feel" like they are onsite and part of the crowd.
  • Digital Signage: Especially at a large conference or convention, being able to direct individuals to the proper breakout rooms or the ability to see the layout of the trade show floor is very impactful. 
  • Giving attendees a "Theater" feeling, especially if it is enhanced with sound and lighting rentals, allows any planner to make over a large meeting space in a hotel or convention center. 

Revolutionize your view with a video wall at your next meeting or event! Get the technology and service you deserve from a hassle-free rental organization…AV Event Solutions! Contact them for a Video Wall Rental Quote today!