Here is a truism: The more Wi-Fi networks are used, the slower they become.

Why is this true? As you may or may not know, Wi-Fi signals are transmitted via radio waves and often times three things are happening simultaneously:

1) Complex data (such as video) is clogging up the pipeline
2) Radio signals are colliding with one another, creating noise and slowing down the signal even further and
3) If you rent iPads or other mobile devices, these units have weak antennas which means you need additional access points to make the Wi-Fi system all it can be — fast, robust and secure. 

Knowing that these problems exist and anticipating more use of Wi-Fi throughout the years, researchers at Fudan University in Shanghai, China may have found a solution that is ten times faster than traditional Wi-Fi. 

Enter Li-Fi. Here is an overview of how it works: Data is transmitted through LED light equipment rentals. The light bulbs flicker on and off up to billions of times per second to a receiver on a iPad or laptop equipped with a camera that can see the light and decode the flicker into data. 

However, the practical limitation of Li-Fi is your device needs to be within physical sight of the LED lighting. Think of it like a solar calculator, once the lighting is gone so is use of the calculator. If you are transmitting or receiving data and need to walk out of the room, your data transmission stops.  

As Wi-Fi devices become ultra fast and start using a higher range of radio signals, it is quite possible that the problems of today will be buried in the past. 

According to Christopher Mims, a LinkedIn Influencer and the researchers at Fudan, Li-Fi will probably never replace Wi-Fi. They see it as a supplement to congested Wi-Fi networks. 

In the meantime, your conference or meeting needs fast, reliable and robust Wi-Fi access. AV Event Solutions and SmartSource Rentals have what you need through their offering a Wi-Fi network array that can boost your bandwidth and keep your data secure. 

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