Hauppauge, New York, April 1, 2020 – SmartSource®, an ABCOM Technology Group company, one of the nation’s leading providers of computer, audio visual (AV) and interactive technology solutions for businesses and events, is leveraging its vast technology inventory and expertise to meet challenges created by the COVID-19 pandemic. Utilizing rental equipment once used primarily for trade shows and conferences, the SmartSource team is providing completely different, vital solutions for organizations across diverse industries, ranging from large corporations to hospitals, places of worship, and schools.

According to Ali Vafa, CEO of ABCOM Technology Group, “In just the last two weeks, we have rented over 10,000 laptops to companies who suddenly need to support remote workforces and virtual meetings. I am proud of how our team is utilizing our inventory in new ways and quickly developing much-needed solutions to keep America working, learning, and supported during an epic time of need. We are prepared to aid many more organizations, drawing from our extensive, nationwide inventory of laptops and other rental solutions, from desktops, tablets, printers and copiers to digital signage and livestreaming solutions, all ready for immediate deployment.”

The need for technology is increasing as the pandemic continues to force many businesses to work differently. SmartSource has helped numerous companies with the equipment and virtual solutions necessary for a successful remote workforce.  Additionally, with many public and private schools indicating that they will complete their 2020 school year via distance learning, the demand for technology has been further intensified, and SmartSource quickly shifted to assist with this new area of need. There has also been a demand for live streaming solutions by religious organizations for their worship services, municipalities for official meetings, and event and meeting planners who have opted not to cancel their events but rather to hold virtual events where possible. Additionally, SmartSource digital signage, once used primarily at events, is now ready for deployment in doctor’s offices, field hospitals and spaces traditionally used for public gatherings to provide real-time health and safety information. “Anything that can be of assistance during this time of crisis we are prepared to pivot and provide,” says Vafa.

SmartSource’s Sales and Asset Management teams shared a recent example of a solution the company provided. One of the nation’s largest staffing firms needed laptops for more than 1,200 employees who were required to work remotely. Once the order was confirmed, SmartSource was able to custom image all units and ship to 60 locations within days, while also helping the firm create a quick response Help Desk to answer questions and provide support.

About ABCOMRENTS and SmartSource®

ABCOMRENTS and SmartSource® have come together to be the leading provider of computer, audio video, and interactive technology solutions. The company serves the market from the industry’s largest national footprint encompassing 20 fully-staffed and equipped branch offices in major metropolitan markets.  Drawing from its extensive inventory of IT, AV and interactive technologies, SmartSource, An ABCOM Technology Group Company, helps marketers, as well as event and meeting planners, effectively convey their brand messages while driving greater engagement, new business opportunities, and increased revenues. The company’s end-to-end services encompass strategy, design, and implementation of full-service event productions that leverage innovative technology solutions, state-of-the-art rental equipment, and related infrastructure.

For more information, visit www.smartsourcerentals.com or our resource pages, or call (844) 891-7553.