Company Name
Gramercy Tech

About Gramercy Tech
Gramercy Tech is a boutique digital
agency that specializes in everything
from concept creation, design, and
software development to interactive
and immersive experiences. We have
an active roster of 35 programmers,
designers, and creators. While we love
to tout our experiential projects and
labs, we work in a variety of


Working on behalf of Gramercy
and the End User Pharma client,
the project entailed creating and
producing a pop-up learning
arcade designed to train, track and
entertain 3,000 sales agents on
their latest product.

The major challenge was the sheer
number of devices in the learning
arcade, which included over 500
iPads and 250 touch screens
provided and installed by SmartSource®. Each device was outfitted
with an NFC reader so attendees
could ‘tap and login’ at various
learning stations within the arcade.