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SmartSource®, an ABCOM Technology Group company, one of the nation’s leading technology solutions providers, was recently awarded the first ever national Fire Information Technology Blanket Purchase Agreement (BPA) by the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA), Forest Service (FS), Chief Information Office (CIO), and Fire Information Technology (FIT).

Under terms of the five-year BPA, SmartSource will provide the USDA FS CIO FIT with a wide range of technology to support its nationwide emergency management requirements. The equipment, which includes computers and tablets specifically for field use, printing and duplication equipment, network equipment, and display and projection equipment, will be sourced from SmartSource’s extensive inventory, with heaviest usage expected from April through October to align with the Western United States’ fire season. The BPA, which SmartSource won in a competitive bid, is a testament to the company’s proven track record in supporting Wildland firefighting and other emergency management efforts for more than 25 years.

SmartSource CEO Ali Vafa stated, “We are honored by the trust the Wildland Fire community has placed in SmartSource by selecting us as the single vendor for the first-ever national Fire Information Technology Blanket Purchase Agreement. We are eager to continue evolving our technology and service solutions to help prevent Wildland Fire injuries and save more lives, land, and structures.”

Serving as an extension of the USDA FS CIO FIT, SmartSource will provide technology that is customized and configured to best meet the Wildland Fire community’s needs, including to command centers closest to disaster areas in need of critical support. To ensure the highest level of response and quality service, SmartSource has established a dedicated online Incident Response portal that enables USDA FS CIO FIT staff to easily place equipment orders and make service requests. Also established is a dedicated 24/7 hotline for real-time technical support.

SmartSource is recognized as an industry leader and innovator, which continues to introduce new solutions that respond to the market’s needs. In its extensive All-Hazard, All-Risk experience supporting firefighting and emergency response efforts for both natural and manmade disasters across the United States, the company has demonstrated outside-the-box initiative and ingenuity. The company’s responsiveness and forward-thinking have been a hallmark of its history since its inception in 1984.

About SmartSource®

SmartSource®, an ABCOM Technology Group company, has more than 35 years of experience serving clients’ business technology needs in the events, staffing, legal, government, finance, education, entertainment, and meeting production industries. The company provides service throughout North America through its fully staffed and equipped offices in major metropolitan markets. SmartSource draws from its extensive inventory of IT, AV, and interactive technologies to deliver solutions as varied as computers and help desk support for remote staff, office equipment for temporary spaces, or multi-story video walls for trade shows and events. Deep experience in logistics and IT services ensure clients are covered on everything from warehousing to asset tracking, cybersecurity, and technical support. The SmartSource team is passionate about leveraging its expertise to empower clients to excel.

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