SmartSource® Computer & Audio Visual Rentals (“SmartSource,” Hauppauge, NY,, one of the nation’s leading providers of computer, audio visual (AV) and technology solutions for businesses and events, has added a new product to its gaming line with the addition of the Alienware 15.6” Gaming Laptop. This high-performance gaming laptop offers the perfect balance between power and portability. It’s ideal for a wide range of events, from association meetings and conferences to trade shows, corporate events and experiential marketing events.

The Alienware 15.6” Gaming Laptop is composed of premium materials including magnesium alloy for structural rigidity, anodized aluminum for maximum protection, and copper for optimal thermal management. Further, reinforced steel contributes to overall tactile comfort.

End users benefit from the power of Alienware 15.6” Gaming Laptop’s Intel® core i7 processor and 16GB memory, as well as an NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1070 8GB Video card, 1TB Hard Drive and 128GB SSD. The combination of the NVIDIA 10-series graphics and the latest generation of Intel® processors delivers a high-end virtual reality (VR) experience. This heightened VR experience is further enhanced by the Intel 7th generation i7 quad core CPU.

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