SmartSource® Computer & Audio Visual Rentals, Powered by ABCOMRENTS, one of the nation’s leading providers of computer, audio visual (AV) and technology solutions for businesses and events, is introducing another exciting new technology certain to be on the most wanted list of marketers and retailers across diverse industries. This Mirror Display offers a powerful, high customer engagement combination of digital signage with the visual clarity of a standard mirror. The display features a high (55%) reflectance to portray both mirror imagery and complementary content with minimal visual impairment. This captivating technology with its superior content visibility makes it an extremely effective informational and sales tool. It is an easy-to-use digital signage option which features built-in WiFi and mobile device-compatible content management tools.

Marketers can use the Mirror Display to convey product or company information to customers in real-time to keep them engaged, help provide valuable information, and facilitate a buying decision. Fashion and accessory retailers, to automobile dealers, beauty stores, fitness centers, home furnishing retailers and many others will find the Mirror Display to be a great addition to their facilities and sales arsenal.

The Mirror Display is available in two sizes: 32” and 55”. It has a sleek, bezel-free design with a seamless front glass panel and metallic side frame.  Its convenient proximity sensor automatically transitions between a standard mirror and promotional display as customers navigate a store.

For complete product specifications, visit: Mirror Display

About SmartSource®

SmartSource Computer & Audio Visual Rentals, part of ABCOM Technology Group, is a trusted expert in technology solutions for businesses and events. The company serves the market from the industry’s largest national footprint encompassing 20 fully-staffed and equipped branch offices in major metropolitan markets. Drawing from its extensive inventory of IT, AV, and interactive technologies, SmartSource helps marketers as well as event and meeting planners effectively convey their brand messages, while driving greater engagement, new business opportunities, and increased revenues. Founded in 1984 as Rent-a-PC, SmartSource continues to be a powerful industry player widely recognized for its breadth and depth of offerings and unparalleled technical support. For more information, visit: or call: 800-888-8686.