SmartSource® Computer & Audio Visual Rentals, Powered by ABCOMRENTS, one of the nation’s leading providers of computer, audio visual (AV) and technology solutions for businesses and events, announced today its introduction of the 27” Giant iTab. The fully-functioning smartphone is a smaller version of the 42” Giant iTab. It offers all of the same high performance features, but on a smaller, appealing format. The product runs on both the iOS and Android platforms and displays mobile-optimized content, as well as apps in their native environment just as they would appear on a handheld device. The 27” Giant iTab is an ideal event solution; a product which associations, trade show, conference and corporate meeting planners, as well as exhibit builders will want to add to their event solutions line-up.

Among the many benefits users will derive from the 27” Giant iTab is its quality projection of digital content and gaming applications. Its 10-point multi-touch projected capacitive touch interface empowers it to precisely recreate the control inputs used on a cell phone or tablet including all touch, drag and multi-touch controls. It also enables interactive poster sessions to be upgraded to a new level of performance, while also supporting experiential marketing with interactive content. For those who want a heightened level of market engagement, the 27” Giant iTab is perfect for educating a target audience in a unique way, while keeping them engaged for longer periods of time.

The 27” Giant iTab kit consists of a proprietary touchscreen monitor, Android iTab Core, and iTab bezel/frame/stand. An iTab Mac Mini running an iOS simulator is optional. The touch display can be mounted in either a portrait or landscape view. For more information, visit:

About SmartSource®

SmartSource Computer & Audio Visual Rentals, part of ABCOM Technology Group, is a trusted expert in technology solutions for businesses and events.  The company serves the market from the industry’s largest national footprint encompassing 20 fully-staffed and equipped branch offices in major metropolitan markets.  Drawing from its extensive inventory of IT, AV, and interactive technologies, SmartSource helps marketers as well as event and meeting planners effectively convey their brand messages, while driving greater engagement, new business opportunities, and increased revenues.  Founded in 1984 as Rent-a-PC, SmartSource continues to be a powerful industry player widely recognized for its breadth and depth of offerings and unparalleled technical support.  For more information, visit: or call: 800-888-8686.