Vancouver location to provide studio-specific staff to support industry needs

Hauppauge, NYJuly 18, 2023SmartSource®, an ABCOM Technology Group company and leading technology solutions provider, is thrilled to announce its expansion into Canada. This significant development is set to elevate its existing support for the film and television industry. The company’s new Vancouver office, which opened on July 17, 2023, is a testament to its commitment to servicing production companies locally and enhancing its international presence.

In the past, SmartSource has supported their clients in the Canadian market through its Los Angeles branch. This expansion represents the company’s first brick and mortar location in Canada and is a strategic move to strengthen its commitment to the Canadian film and television industry.

“We recognize that the rapid deployment of technology solutions is crucial for seamless film and television productions,” said SmartSource CEO, Ali Vafa. “The Canadian film and television industry has seen consistent growth, contributing over $12.2 billion to the country’s GDP, and Vancouver has emerged as a hub for this North American boom. We’re excited to be a part of this ongoing growth story.”

As part of the Canadian expansion, SmartSource will have studio-specific technicians, studio contractors, and additional support staff based in the Vancouver office. The company will offer a full suite of services including office, IT, and audio visual equipment rentals for writers and writers’ rooms, pre-production and post-production, accounting teams, set decoration, and talent. Its extensive technology offerings will benefit clients by reducing shipping costs, eliminating customs delays, and providing on-the-ground support. The technical solutions, backed by SmartSource’s 24/7 support, enable production companies to rapidly scale up or down to meet project needs.

“Our success in the American entertainment industry has enabled us to build a prestigious client base,” said SmartSource Sales Director, Jeremy Lyon. “The rising demand for our film and television production solutions, particularly in the Vancouver region, signals that this is the perfect moment for our Canadian expansion.”

While maintaining a firm focus on film and television industry support, SmartSource is also extending its services to the staffing industry in Canada. Services include a full suite of IT technology solutions, event support, rental equipment, warehousing, and managed IT services including cloud-based networking.

About SmartSource®

SmartSource®, an ABCOM Technology Group company, has more than 35 years of experience serving clients’ business technology needs in the events, staffing, legal, government, finance, education, entertainment, and meeting production industries. The company provides service throughout North America through its fully staffed and equipped offices in major metropolitan markets. SmartSource draws from its extensive inventory of IT, AV, and interactive technologies to deliver solutions as varied as computers and help desk support, office equipment for temporary spaces, or multi-story video walls for trade shows and events. Deep experience in logistics and IT services ensure clients are covered on everything from warehousing to asset tracking, cybersecurity, and technical support. The SmartSource team is passionate about leveraging its expertise to empower clients to excel.

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