SmartSource®, an ABCOM Technology Group company, one of the nation’s leading providers of IT, audio visual (AV) and interactive technology solutions, announced that it is now offering two new kiosks designed to help organizations contain the spread of COVID-19. Each kiosk addresses a specific need relating to COVID-19 procedures including occupancy management and temperature checking. Both kiosks are ideal for corporate offices, restaurants, schools, polling places and other indoor facilities.

SmartSource CEO Ali Vafa commented, “At the onset of the pandemic we quickly determined how we could utilize our equipment to best assist our clients. We started by renting thousands of laptops to businesses so they could keep Americans employed while working from home. Now our health kiosks will help businesses ensure a safer environment as people return to indoor spaces. As the world continues to change, we will continue to innovate to meet the needs of our clients.”

The Automated Occupancy Counter Kiosk allows organizations to set occupancy levels to comply with local and state guidelines and sends automated messages when the occupancy level has reached capacity and the entry of additional individuals should be paused. With its near real-time tracking of visitors and/or staff entering an existing space and traffic light indicators based on occupancy levels, the kiosk is an easy way to monitor this critical aspect of a COVID-19 containment plan. Another advantage of the Automated Occupancy Counter Kiosk is the ability of one kiosk to manage multiple entrances and exits simultaneously. Other valuable features of the kiosk include: employee-facing dashboard, staff alerts when a set occupancy level has been reached, on-screen branding with the ability to embed a webpage or video, and the ability to brand a unit with a custom vinyl wrap to further personalize. The kiosk is available in various display sizes.

The Thermal Temperature-Checking Kiosk is a contactless temperature-checking kiosk which uses thermal technology to identify elevated skin temperatures while maintaining social distancing. A fast and reliable way to check temperatures, the kiosk emits an audible and visual alert when an elevated temperature is detected. The kiosk offers real-time uploading of scanned data for transmission to a control room, real-time data monitoring and incident reporting, as well as the flexibility to upload thermograph data for system integration. Like the Automated Occupancy Counter Kiosk, this kiosk also offers the ability for a custom-branded vinyl wrap. Additionally, the Thermal Temperature-Checking Kiosk is available in a variety of display sizes.