By Tia Crawford

Trade shows are an ideal way to bring your concepts to a targeted audience. You need to deliver information on your product or service to the stream of attendees passing your booth. Whatever the focus of your trade show booth may be, you can be certain of one thing:

Technology Will Help You Deliver Your Message

A trade show booth operates under a certain budget, a definite timeframe, and a limited amount of floor space. Despite these restrictions, the trade show floor holds vast potential for business growth. All you need is a great idea and these ten technology techniques that make an impression:

  1. Digital Signage – From the moment that attendees see your exhibit, they need to instantly understand your business goal. Using digital signage for your company’s display feels exponentially more modern than banners or printed materials. Furthermore, digital signage has infinite changeability with the option to run videos, demonstrations, and interviews in addition to displaying logos and text.
  2. IPads – People love iPads. They have all the processing prowess of high-end computers, but they beg to be held. For interactive displays, quizzes, games, promotions, contests—whatever your exhibit requires—iPads will lure guests in with their tactile appeal.
  3. Video Walls – It’s difficult to ignore a jumbo-sized screen. Video walls are customizable and configurable. Even in small booths, a video wall can make a stunning backdrop for an exhibit. It draws eyes and delivers content.
  4. Computer Rentals – For many exhibitors, software and technology are the main focus of a product or service. Computer rentals may be a strong and silent support for your content, or they may be the front line of information display and demonstration.
  5. Lead Retrieval and Attendee Tracking Systems – Convert visitors into sales successes through effortlessly captured, brilliantly relevant data.  Modern data collection lets your team follow up leads, armed with the information they need to know about each contact’s unique circumstances.
  6. Digital Document Libraries – A digital document library is a streamlined, easily navigated collection of all your company’s relevant documents—available on a touch screen at your visitors’ fingertips.
  7. Audience Response Systems – For trade show product launches, exhibit speakers, or booth presentations, audience response systems are a quick and easy way to gather feedback on any topic. Gathering feedback from a crowd is as simple as handing out keypads or clickers—results can be displayed instantly!
  8. Sound Shower Speakers – These remarkable speakers were quite literally designed for exhibitions and trade show booths. The technology directs sound to a targeted area—focusing the audio on the precise location where listeners are gathered. Exhibit Managers can install or even hang the speakers to create the “shower” of sound—eliminating the need to compete over the ambient noise of the trade show floor!
  9. WiFi Booster – The lifeblood of the modern event, connectivity is the key to success. Without adequate WiFi coverage, documents don’t load, presentations don’t stream, updates aren’t shared, apps aren’t accessed, and attendees aren’t happy. A WiFi booster will ensure that your visitors have connection when they need it.
  10. Charging Station Kiosks – Trade show visitors depend upon their phones and tablets. Our devices are vital to networking, information gathering, scheduling, communication, and so much more! Provide a charging haven within your booth—allowing guests to linger while their devices power-up!

Your corporate message deserves to be delivered with clarity, focus, and impact! The right technology will achieve these goals—setting you apart from the crowd and helping your booth produce the ROI that your business requires.