3D is the theme in entertainment but it will reach the event meeting services industry soon. 3D projectors are anticipated to be the norm by 2014, at the very latest.

Below are a list of features available in the latest projector technology and an explanation of what these features mean to event planning.

  • Short-Throw Design: Ideal for interactive presentations and simplifies the projector placement in meeting rooms with limited space.
  • 3000 Lumens: High brightness
  • 3D Ready with DLP® Link™ Technology: Most new projector systems today are equipped with 3D readiness but will be fully compatible with traditional 2D content.
  • DLP BrilliantColor™ Technology:  Uses up to six separate colors providing up to 50% more brightness over older projectors.
  • Wide Connectivity including: HDMI, RGB, S-Video, Composite Video, Audio Inputs and Output, LAN and USB.
  • High Output Watt Audio System: Allows the projector to also be used as an external sound system.

What will drive the use of 3D projectors in the event meeting services industry? Content and applications! Right now, there are very few applications for the event meeting services industry. This 3D format is so new it will take a few years to move into event planning. But it will and when it comes, there will be a plethora of applications for devices such as the iPhone, iPad, and Tablet PC.

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