Trade Show News Network
 recently cited 11 New Rules in Trade Show Marketing that they believe will impact shows next year and beyond. Some of these milestones have been occurring for quite awhile (economic uncertainty) while others recently came to light (unqualified leads will be ignored).

Below is a compilation of six of these trends and the interactive technology tool rentals that can assist in your exhibitor’s ability to get attendees to their booth.

Trend #1: Trade Shows are Still Needed. 

According to TSNN, trade shows have a greater share of B2B marketing budgets than print and direct mail. Exhibitors still want face-to-face time with a lot of potential buyers in one location — something a trade show floor readily gives them.

In order to get attendees to the booth, consider renting a charging station. This unit can charge smartphones and tablets at the same time. It will give your exhibitors 10 minutes of the attendee’s time to have that face-to-face contact they really want.

Trend #2: Forget About Pre-Show Promotion. 

Attendees are not paying regard to anything before the show — even phone calls. Exhibitors should focus their monies on grabbing the attendee’s attention while they are on the floor and cultivating that relationship after the show.

Video Wall rentals are a great way to grab attention especially since they can run a variety of formats, including live video, photos, social media, and product information. In addition, the content on the screens can be changed up on a real-time basis.

Trend #3: Social Media Use is Growing. 

If your booth activities include a product launching event, product demonstrations and customer testimonials caught on video, your exhibitor’s content is most likely going to be shared on social networks.

Trend #4: Marketing Messages Go Further on Flat Screens. 

Because Plasma Displays are more vivid and lighter now, they can be easily rigged, make your exhibitor’s message pop and draw attendees to their booth.

Trend #5: Unqualified Leads will Be Ignored. 

The company’s overworked sales force can no longer afford the luxury of chasing unqualified leads via business card collection or information gathered from a list. They are only willing to follow up on qualified leads that have more information than just the prospect’s contact number.

Lead Retrieval Systems are fantastic for gathering qualified leads and sending them back to the home office even before the trade show ends.

Trend #6: Technology is Everywhere. 

From iPad rentals to touch panel displays, technology abounds on the trade show floor for a variety of reasons but the biggest ones thus far are: 1) The booth is sleek and streamlined with visual automation; 2) Technology reduces printing, shipping and storage costs of printed materials; and 3) It helps your exhibitors with their green initiative.

There are many reasons to rent iPads including the ability of exhibitor staff to be very mobile. It can serve as a portable kiosk and due to the availability of thousands of apps, it is very versatile.

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