There are a number of considerations beyond room size and lumens that event planners and AV companies have to contemplate when selecting a projector for an event. Think about the end result first and work backwards from there.

What You Need to Know First:

Before you pick a projector, you’ll need to answer a few questions. Use this list to start a discussion with your supplier.

What is the Audience Size?

If you’re planning a presentation to a small group of ten to twenty people, a basic, low-cost model will do. When the size of the audience expands to several hundred, you may need to consider a projector (maybe even more than one) with more brightness or a wide-angle lens.

What is the Room Configuration?

  • How much space do you have at the front of the room? Even if you love the idea of rear projection (where the projector projects through the screen from behind it), you’ll need an extra ten to twenty feet of space at the front of the room in which to place the projector and screen.
  • How much ambient light exists in the room? In-room lighting that can’t be reduced or turned completely off (from large windows without shades, for example) plays a huge role in projector selection. The more ambient light there is, the brighter the projector will have to be.
  • What is the distance from the projector to the screen? If you can’t place the projector in the ideal spot (there’s a column in the way or the room is very narrow), you can compensate with a projector lens that can zero in on the screen or capture a wider angle.

What Are Your Content Expectations?

  • What is the preferred level of image readability? A scientific presentation involving charts or detailed PowerPoint slides requires a projector with a more powerful lens than a sales kickoff meeting where the presenter shows a video clip that isn’t mission critical.
  • What is the quality of the images being provided? If image quality is a little poorer than you would like, a good projector may be able to make it more viewable. On the other hand, if the content is high definition, like a movie for instance, you’ll want a high-definition projector to do it justice.
  • What is the input source? The type of projector you need also depends on how the images are getting to the projector—from the Internet, from software on an external laptop, or from a drone. Whatever the point of origin, the projector will have to be able to accommodate the input source.
  • Are there second screens in the audience? If a second-screen app lets audience members follow a presentation from their tablets or smartphones while it also displays on a screen, you may not need a high-end projector.

 After you’ve answered all the critical questions, your AV company can put the right equipment to work. For example:

Large Space, High Performance

If you’re planning a keynote address or sales kickoff in a ballroom where the goal is to create excitement and awe, you’ll want to break out the big boys. For example, a Panasonic 7,000-lumen or 10,000-lumen digital-light processing (DLP) laser projector can deliver the color, brightness, and lens interchangeability you need to create different effects. These projectors can blend images seamlessly across multiple screens or a single screen and you can use them anywhere in the room or even outdoors (at night).

Limited Space, Functional Performance

For smaller gatherings (a breakout session in a small meeting room), you can go with something considerably less complex and less expensive. If you don’t need audience members to be overcome with excitement, but merely want them to pay attention, you can consider a single liquid-crystal display (LCD) projector with between 4,000 and 5,000 lumens and a pre-installed lens. You’ll have to place the projector the appropriate distance from the screen manually and risk having someone walk in front of it, but it will likely address your needs inexpensively.


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