Setting up your exhibit and selecting the right booth can be one of the most significant investments in your marketing strategy. Therefore, choosing the right booth type is critical and can ultimately determine the success of your event. 

With so many options available, choosing the perfect one that fits your brand, message, goals, and budget can be overwhelming! In this article, we look at the different types of exhibit booths to help you decide which one is right for you. 


Linear Booths, or “in-line” booth types, offer a sleek and streamlined display option. Typically, with neighboring exhibitors on either side, these booths have only one side exposed to the aisles, so emphasis should be placed on maximizing visibility from all angles. 

Linear Trade Show Booth - SmartSource

Benefits of a linear booth: 

  1. Maximize Visibility: Utilize the larger display area of your linear booth effectively. Position digital signage or screens at both ends of the booth to catch the attention of passersby from all angles. 
  2. Illuminate Creatively: Lighting can transform your booth’s appeal. Use colorful LED strips or spotlights to highlight specific areas and make your booth stand out, even from a distance. 
  3. Design for Flow: Plan the layout of your linear booth thoughtfully. Ensure enough space between displays, products, or meeting tables for easy navigation, preventing visitors from feeling overwhelmed or cramped. This allows them to explore everything you have to offer comfortably. 


A corner booth has exposure to two aisles and is considered highly visible as you are often exposed to two intersecting aisles. 

Corner Trade Show Booth - SmartSource

Benefits of corner booth: 

  1. Prioritize Visibility: Make the most of your corner booth’s dual exposure by placing your signage strategically. Consider using bright, engaging UltraClear LED screens such as one or two 55” monitors to draw attention from both aisles and ask organizers about high-traffic areas when booking your spot. 
  2. Optimize Space Use: Your booth offers ample space – use it wisely. Create distinct sections for visitors to explore and consider hosting interactive sessions, workshops, or product demos to keep attendees engaged. 
  3. Engage Your Visitors: A corner booth is more than just a display area, it’s a platform to connect with potential customers. Create interactive experiences that allow visitors to engage with your brand and understand your offerings better. 


An end cap booth is a unique trade show booth design that opens up to aisles on the front and both sides. Imagine two corner booths from a row of linear booths merged together – that’s an end cap booth. 

If you’re versed in trade show terminology, you might liken an end cap booth to a peninsula or split island booth due to its strategic positioning among other booths. This layout optimizes visibility, making it a popular choice for exhibitors. 

Endcap Trade Show Booth - SmartSource

Benefits of an End-cap booth: 

  1. Enhanced Visibility: With an end cap booth, your exhibit is open to aisles on three sides. This increased exposure makes it easier for attendees to spot your booth from multiple directions, boosting foot traffic and engagement. 
  2. Effective Branding: The unique layout of an end cap booth offers ample space for showcasing your branding elements. Whether digital signage, banners, or product displays, you can create a more impactful presentation that leaves a lasting impression on attendees. 
  3. Optimized Space Utilization: With its unique layout, an end-cap booth typically provides more room for product demonstrations, meetings, or interactive activities. This allows for a more dynamic and engaging visitor experience, potentially leading to higher lead generation and conversion rates. 


Island Booths typically create ample, premium space for exhibiting brands, and stand-alone, with no booths on any side. They offer the most visibility since they’re exposed on all sides and can be built up to create a sophisticated look that makes a significant impact. 

Island Trade Show Booth - SmartSource

Benefits of an island booth: 

  1. Strategic Layout with Flexibility: Capitalize on the flexible design options of an island booth. Plan your space meticulously and create distinct zones for product demonstrations, meetings, and interactive activities. This reflects your brand effectively and guides visitors naturally through your offerings. 
  2. Optimal Visibility for Maximum Exposure: Utilize the 360-degree exposure of your island booth. Employ tall banners, digital signage, or even a hanging sign above your booth to draw attention from all directions. Since your booth is visible from every angle, ensure your branding is too. 
  3. Engaging Experience for Prominent Presence: Leverage the size and positioning of your island booth to create memorable experiences. Host hands-on product demos, interactive displays, or live presentations to engage visitors. The more engaging your booth, the stronger and more prominent your brand presence will be on the trade show floor. 


Whatever booth you choose, you should consider these three tips for getting the most out of your exhibiting experience: 

  1. Stand out from the crowd: Make sure your booth stands out with creative design, lighting, and AV. Learn how to create a lasting emotional impact with our blog, The Psychology of Visuals. 
  2. Utilize digital signage: Leverage the power of digital signage to capture attention and tell your story effectively.  
  3. Plan strategically for flow: Create distinct zones in your booth for easy navigation and an engaging experience. 

Each booth type has benefits catering to different needs, requirements, and branding. As a parting note, you could consider other SmartSource exhibit solutions that you can utilize to make the most of your exhibit investment. 

For more information about tips for leveraging audio visual support no matter the size of booth you choose, reach out to one of our experienced exhibit solutions experts.