Are you confused about digital marketing initiatives? Wondering how mobile technology, social media, and video are involved in your total attendee experience? Be confused no more! Below are some tips to get you started and make the digital initiatives easier to understand.
    • Employ ROI-Centric Initiatives
      In the digital world, everything can be measured through clicks and visits. Unlike brochures and business cards, you can easily measure how someone arrived at your site, how long they were there, and which pages they visited. Market and have measurements for the following:

      • Your Website and Blog
      • Email marketing campaigns
      • Social Media


    • Employ someone to implement a SEO and SEM optimization plan.
      Let’s face it, most of us periphially know about Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Search Engine Marketing (SEM), but we really don’t know how to implement it. Leave this to the experts and hire a proven organization that can ensure that your event will filter to the top quickly.  A good plan will help potential attendees find you and it will allow you to build credibility when your website shows up on page 1 of a Google search.


    • Use multiple techniques to attract attendees. 
      Unfortunately, today you need all avenues to attract attendees. You still need some monies allocated to direct mail and marketing collateral, but it does not mean your budget has to grow bigger, it just means it is going to shift. For example, if your marketing budget has been $10,000 for an event, perhaps you use $5,000 for print and $5,000 for digital. It is important that you understand the demographics of the attendee and the potential attendee. Having a campaign that uses multiple marketing channels will give you much greater return than just using a few.


  • Rent Tablet PCs to enhance your attendee and partner experience.
    Rent iPads or Tablets for a variety of reasons, but here are just a few:

    • Sponsorship opportunities are unlimited. A partner commercial can run before every general session, contact information can be loaded onto the tablet, as well as, photos about the destination or venue.
    • Attendees want them. Tablets are the hip thing to have, instead of lugging around a laptop.
    • Tablets are easy to carry around and use, when walking, standing, or sitting.
    • The battery life can be up to 10 hours, so they can be charged by the event services company at the end of each day.
    • They are green.
    • Attendees can utilize the Internet for email, social media, and new meeting applications.
AV Event Solutions, your California meeting equipment partner, has a vast inventory of Tablets for your next meeting, event, or trade show. Give them a call today!