Let’s face it: Whether you like it or not, attendees are creating content about your meeting or event. The good, the bad and the ugly. But rather than trying to hold your attendees down or back — why not let their commentaries, along with your own, add to the value of your meeting?

Julius Solaris, Editor of the Event Manager Blog, recently wrote a post about ways event planning is changing. Below are a few of his thoughts, along with mine, on how audio visual equipment can assist in your own event’s evolution.


  • You Can Influence Attendees and They Can Influence Each Other. Rather than trying to control the meeting, you can listen to attendees because as Solaris states, they are a “gold mine for content.” Encourage creation and give attendees tools to share it. iPad and laptop rentals, preloaded with social channels, are ideal if attendees are encouraged to leave their devices at home. Listen and join the conversation. Let attendees change up your meeting organically and by listening, you will show them that you care.
  • It is Exclusive to the Meeting. Your meeting has unique content because you are creating a face-to-face experience with a set group of attendees, exhibitors and speakers in a destination that cannot be created again. It is reality TV at its best.
  • It is Media Rich. Meetings have the best combination of PowerPoint presentations, photos, videos and social postings. Show the information on Video Walls, Charging Stations and Trade Show Kiosks.
  • The Best Content is Co-Created. Rather than trying to post everything yourself, if attendees are encouraged to share, like and create content, your load becomes a lot lighter and the content now has legs. More points of view on a topic, speaker or event make it interesting – even if they don’t happen to coincide with your own.
  • Attendees Want it. 61% of consumers say they feel better about a company that delivers custom content and are more likely to buy from that company.According to Solaris, this transfers to attendees as well; so trade show exhibitors take note. Customize your content to each attendee’s needs.
  • It Tells Your Event’s Story. We all crave great stories and want to be told or be part of them. A good story is authentic, creative and makes a personal connection that inspires action, according to Fathom Events.


  • Content Curation focuses on gathering and sharing valuable information to attendees about posts, blogs and articles that are relevant to your attendees.
  • Content Creation is just that – encouraging attendees to write original posts, blogs and articles about what they experienced at your conference.
  • Content Promotion is the use of social channels to allow the content to go viral.


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