Do you know why many businesses prefer to rent computers and office equipment rather than buying? We wanted to help business owners, IT professionals and anyone else who manages technology budgets to better understand the advantages of renting office technology, so we created the below infographic outlining 5 main reasons why renting can be better than buying:

  1. Agility and scalability. Renting allows you to execute faster and capitalize on opportunities before your competitors.
  2. The cost of downtime can be significant. Renting improves user service turnaround time while freeing up IT resources for other purposes.
  3. Renting provides the option to pay for the equipment when it is needed, eliminating up-front investment, long-term obligation and hidden costs.
  4. Businesses can achieve lower cost of ownership and fewer liabilities with rentals.
  5. Office equipment rentals can include much needed technical support whenever and wherever needed. Even bigger, some vendors will configure equipment to meet corporate and government IT security requirements.
When to Rent vs. Buy for Computers & Office Equipment Infographic

Renting copiers, printers, monitors, laptops and other common pieces of essential workplace technology makes business sense and can benefit your organization financially, logistically, and strategically. You can use our infographic to help communicate these principles to other stakeholders within your organization and can reach out to our business rental solutions experts at SmartSource at any time for advice or a quote.
For more detailed information, including an illustrated example of cost savings, download our whitepaper: The Economics of Renting vs. Buying.