AI prompts are a powerful tool for event planners to use in marketing campaigns. 

By leveraging AI-powered prompts, you can engage more event participants than ever before with tailored messaging. 

The key to successfully using AI prompts is to give careful consideration to the prompt structure.  

Here are eight tips for creating better event marketing AI prompts for platforms like ChatGPT:

  1. Be Specific: Make your prompts as detailed as possible. The more information you provide, the better the AI can tailor its response to your needs. Such as, “What attendee data should I capture on the event badge?”
  2. Define the Format: If you need the output in a specific format (like a list, a formal email, a casual text message, or an X (Twitter) thread), specify that in your prompt. For example, “Write an Instagram post for [event name] set in [venue city] at [time] and tailor it to [audience].”
  3. Set the Tone: If you want a particular tone like professional, friendly, or humorous, mention that too. For a bit of humor, you could try a celebrity tone like “Write it in the style of Oprah Winfrey.” Just don’t ever use it to quote them – unless you’ve spoken to them first!
  4. Ask Directly: If you’re looking for a specific type of information, such as writing a synopsis for a speaker session, ask for it directly. For example, instead of saying, “Tell me about [speaker subject],” say, “Provide three interesting facts about [speaker subject].”
  5. Use Examples: If possible, provide an example of what you’re looking for. This helps the AI understand the context better, such as “Please provide a sample email template for event ticket sales.”
  6. Limit the Scope: The AI might provide a generic answer if your prompt is too broad. Try to narrow down the topic, really focusing on what it is you want it to say, such as “Please provide a brief explanation of why [event name] is the best event for AV professionals.” 
  7. Revision and Iteration: AI responses may not be perfect the first time, and you will gradually learn what works for you and your event’s tone of voice. Don’t hesitate to revise and tweak your prompts until you get the desired output. It can’t know everything… can it? 
  8. Get Creative: AI prompts can not only be used for serious event marketing strategy, but they can also be used to generate fun, unique, and creative content. Try something like “Write an original poem about [event name] set in [venue city].” or “Write me a children’s story about how important digital signage is for events.” Go on…try that one. (You can read what we created here.)

Remember, AI is a tool. The more effectively you can communicate what you need, the better it can assist and help save you valuable time when working on your event marketing campaigns and communications. 

With proper AI prompt refinement and enhancement, you can maximize your event marketing efforts and increase productivity.