Fifa outdoor video wall

Video walls aren’t only used indoors during conferences, trade shows, or business meetings. They’re highly effective outdoors too. But creating video walls outside in the elements and sunlight in temporary settings like festivals, concerts, or sporting events requires more than hauling monitors out of the office and onto the fairway. With the right technology, event producers and participants can achieve some amazing results projecting their content onto video walls made for the outdoors.

While projecting onto the side of a building or a single large screen can work outside, it lacks the flexibility that comes with video walls—multiple monitors, projectors, and other technologies stacked one atop another and side by side to appear as a single, large-scale display. The resulting wall can display a single image or multiple images simultaneously. Unlike a single screen, video walls can be built in different shapes, dimensions, and sizes to accommodate creativity and crowds.

While the uses for outdoor video walls are only as limited as the creative minds that shape the content strategy, there are some popular uses for video walls:

  • Stage backdrops—Fabric panels wafting through an artificially-created breeze (aka fan), screens with swirling shapes in bright colors flashing on and off, or giant black curtains are great for high school dances. Today’s performers, though, require the dynamic, brilliant, and unique options that can only be delivered using video walls as a backdrop.Outdoor video wall
  • Exhibits—For companies looking to deliver immersive experiences to outdoor event guests, video walls can become the exhibit. Rogue, a manufacturer of strength and conditioning equipment, used one 150-foot by 50-foot video wall and another 20-foot by 40-foot wall to bring live footage of the Reebok 2015 CrossFit Challenge into their booth.
  • Overflow—At some sporting events, especially championship games, not everyone who wants to be courtside can be. Rather than sit home, many fans choose to come down to the stadium to enjoy the auxiliary events set up outdoors and watch the game on a display outside the venue. Video walls are not only a great way to televise the action to the fans outside; they’re another way for game sponsors to reach consumers.
  • Live Projection—Just because everyone attending an outdoor event can’t be in the front row, it doesn’t mean they can’t see everything that happens on stage or elsewhere at the event. Video walls placed along the perimeter of the outdoor venue can provide even those in the nosebleed seats a great view of the performers. They can also be used to help concertgoers safely evacuate in case of an emergency.
  • Social media and gaming—It’s expensive to set up the outdoor WiFi infrastructure needed to accommodate attendee social media and gaming. But when event organizers decide that those are critical elements of the experience, video walls can amplify the participation and fun. Social walls can project live tweets, texts, posts, selfies, and other social content being created by event participants. When competitive gaming is involved, video walls can be used as leaderboards.


As video walls have become more popular, the technology has evolved quickly. Event organizers have lots of choices, including liquid crystal (LCD) and plasma displays; projection cubes and blended projection systems; and light-emitting diode (LED) backlighting. Nevertheless, LCD panels that are backlit with LED are the most suitable for outdoor events. LCD-LED walls are bright, lightweight, thin, affordable, adjustable (brightness), and scalable.

Despite the flexibility associated with video walls, expertise is required to configure the right systems in the best settings for the most optimal effects. Weather (water and wind resistance), ambient light (inside a tent vs. in direct sunlight), footprints (projection cubes use up more space than LCD walls), and access to electricity are all factors that have to be considered in order to use video walls for their highest potential. A seamless LED video wall rental from a turnkey solution provider can deliver high-powered outdoor impact.


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