Digital scenery. Projection mapping. Large scale projection. What do these terms mean and doesn’t this type of technology cost a lot of money? Lets focus on creative uses for digital projection and ways to keep your budget in tact as well.

Digital projection used to be massive projectors beaming static images onto giant screen rentals. Now, 2D and 3D mapping software programs along with LCD projectors that are 4 times brighter than the previous technology have made it possible for event meeting services organizations to utilize this technology.

Today, computer software can control multiple projectors, add special effects, and animate objects on everything from building exteriors, ceilings, and walls. Having this digital projection on multiple facades can tell the story about the event in a vibrant, softer way.

Projection mapping projects images onto oddly-shaped surfaces without distorting them. 2D mapping works well on ceilings or walls, while 3D mapping is best utilized on a building facade with a variety of architectural elements.

Projection mapping also allows the AV producer to take videos and blend and wrap them around the dimensional surfaces. In addition these interactive technology tool rentals allow blending of multiple projectors together on a surface and make corrections to the canvas so there is no distortion.

So, before undertaking this large scale projection project, what are the steps to make sure everything goes according to plan? Here are 4 tips featured in Event Solutions magazine that may help:

  1. Make sure the design and AV production team review the site thoroughly. Remember this is a team effort and the design and production team needs to work with the light equipment rental technician, electrician, and event planner to make certain everything runs smoothly.
  2. Allow for adequate set-up time which may cost the planner extra money in the budget but will make for a great show. Try to identify how much time is required for testing and put it in the budget ahead of time.
  3. Allow the AV production team complete control over the lighting, including ambient and spillover lighting.
  4. Be aware that projecting on glass is a challenge and may require covering all the windows for the best effect.

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