Attendees are excited to get back to in-person events. However, many attendees still wonder, “how does the event organizer plan to keep me safe?”  

States have moved closer to lifting all restrictions on businesses and gatherings as vaccination campaigns have progressed. According to the CDC, as of May 23, 2021, 50.8 percent of the U.S. population had received one dose of the vaccine, and 40.9 percent had been fully vaccinated. Several states have declared themselves fully reopened, which means the number of in-person events continues to grow. 

With many folks itching to resume back-to-normal indoor attendance at events, offices, restaurants, and more, how can businesses and event organizers continue to provide safety protocols without sacrificing the guest experience?  

One option is to integrate SmartSource’s contactless temperature-checking solutions. Most recently used by Matco Tools at their 2021 Expo in Orlando, Florida, the kiosks provide fast, reliable temperature screenings allowing for peace of mind for attendees. 

Contact-Free Temperature Screenings 

The contactless temperature-checking kiosks and desktop units use thermal technology to identify elevated skin temperatures while maintaining social distancing. 

  • Fast, reliable, and touchless temperature screenings to identify individuals with elevated skin temperatures 
  • Audible and visual alerts when an elevated temperature has been detected
  • Large display with the ability to include custom branding and embed a web page

Customized Solutions For Every Space

Available in various display sizes, the thermal temperature devices help create a positive experience while complying with regulations to help ensure the health and safety of all. 

  • Ability to use single or multiple units in one location or over various areas or regions 
  • Real-time uploading of scanned data for transmission into a control room 
  • Flexibility to upload thermography data for system integration 
  • Real-time data monitoring and reporting, including the number of people scanned, verification of incidents where a temperature was elevated, and the logging of incidents 
  • Custom-branded vinyl wrap for a personal touch (kiosk only) 

Everything you need is available now.
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